Most transgender women barred from high-level international swimming competitions…


Date: June 24, 2022

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“A new ruling by the international swimming federation means transgender women athletes that transitioned after the age of 12 can’t compete in high-level international competitions.”


2 thoughts on “Most transgender women barred from high-level international swimming competitions…

  1. GK

    I’m very pro gay rights. Hell, any rights, especially involving sex and gender. Want to call yourself a woman? Sure, no big deal. But if you want to compete in a sporting event, I get a little queasy. The person in the interview would appear to be a guy with long hair and to let someone like that compete with genetic women seems very unfair.

    Maybe the proper compromise is a “Special Olympics” kind of thing, where the trans athletes compete against each other. If they want to be a separate category, “trans”, why not a separate athletic one as well?

    Now, if they had a pedo category, I’d be on board with that as well. Perhaps as a judge?

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      I completely understand.

      It seems hormone therapy is legitimately making them weaker than average males, but there’s always going to be controversy over whatever biological advantages they might retain.

      I think at present, the objection to a special category is that there aren’t enough trans people at the higher levels to create actual competition…But, I do agree with the idea. A trans, or even “open”, league might be an answer.

      I think we’ll always have people complaining, any way it goes.

      One argument on the side of trans people here, which I do find compelling…is how biological anomalies in either sex have arisen in the past…and they had natural advantages, sometimes blowing away the competition…They were just born with “the right” genitals, but were naturally born with traits not so normally associated with their sex…And they were not barred from competing.

      That being said…I think natural born women and girls have every right to be upset, over having this sort of thing thrown in their own paths. This is not a situation they were raised or trained, expecting to have to compete against.

      A lot of them rightly feed locked out and cheated, when this happens.

      One of the things that bothers me most in this situation…is the manipulation, sometimes bullying, you see out of trans people, who are trying to force things like this into being.

      I like the idea of a Pedo category…I might actually start watching the Olympics, if they ever had one.


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