MyPillow CEO Whines That No One Important Will Talk To Him…

Date: June 24, 2022

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“During an appearance on Steve Bannon’s podcast this week, MyPillow CEO whined that no one important will even talk to him. Specifically, he was asked about whether he was called before the January 6th Committee, to which he said no, and then he was asked if Bill Barr ever talked with him – also a “no.” Maybe these people are onto something that the Pillow Man can’t seem to wrap his head around? Farron Cousins explains why no one wants to associate with Mike Lindell.


MyPillow CEO. Mike Linde is a little upset that nobody of any importance in this country actually wants to talk to him during an interview this week on Steve Bannon’s podcast, Linde lamented. The fact that neither the January 6th committee, nor bill BARR, himself gave a rats about any of these so-called evidence that Linde has a voter fraud. Bannon specifically asked Linde, have you been called to talk to the January 6th committee to which Linde responded? No, they haven’t. And it’s really, that’s sad too, because I’ve offered, I’d love to come to your committee as long as you nationally televised Ms. Pelosi, he then asked him. Okay, well, have you, have you talked to bill BARR, former attorney general, then attorney general when you were coming up with all this stuff, Linde responded. No, he’s actually avoided me, Steve. I mean, I put out stuff. I tried to get stuff for him, uh, to him in the past. And it’s a complete block.

Linde also told business insider this week that he’d love to go talk to the committee, right? I mean, absolutely. I am more than willing to come and talk to you, Nancy Pelosi and everybody else, even though Pelosi’s not on the committee, cuz he’s got so much evidence of what he still calls the crime of the century. Yeah. Here’s the thing, Mike, um, your phone records had been subpoenaed by the January 6th committee. You then sued the committee so that you would not have to release your phone records. So you’ve actually been given the opportunity to provide evidence of a crime to the committee. It’s just not the crime you wanted exposed now was it? And of course after they subpoenaed your records, you sued them and all that played out, they decided, you know what? We don’t even need to hear from him. You know, what is this guy going to bring to the table that anybody gives a about?

And honestly, it’s the same thing with bill BARR. Like why should I sit down with this? Whackado when we all know everything he’s telling us is completely made up kind of like the meetings that they were having immediately after the election in the white house where people like Lindsay Graham even admitted that the evidence that folks like Rudy Giuliani were presenting was eh, amateur crappy, weird, and most importantly wrong. Mike ele has been given every possible opportunity to present this so-called evidence that he has. He has held massive events, days long events, where he said he was gonna release it. And then he just didn’t release it. If anybody out there is still buying what Lindela is selling other than pillows, then you are an idiot. You’re an absolute idiot because this man is absolutely Gring you for as long as he can continue this

Gr, which I imagine is going to go until of course we get those defamation trials, which unfortunately are a couple years in the future. So yeah, we have to listen to Mike Linde for years before all of this comes to a conclusion and assuming he loses, you know, the defamation trial, that would be the conclusion. If he somehow manages to win, buckle up folks, cuz this is literally gonna go on forever, forever. So hopefully he loses that lawsuit. But again, until that happens, he’s gonna continue spending in his own words, a million dollars a month says he’s already spent 25 million trying to prove all of this and he’s gonna continue to string along some of the dumbest people in this country promising to present them with evidence and then refusing to do it at every given opportunity.”


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