Republican AG Removed From Office After Killing A Man…

Date: June 25, 2022

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“The Republican Attorney General of South Dakota was impeached and removed from office this week after he was found guilty by the state legislature of lying about killing a man with his vehicle. The AG, Jason Ravnsborg, had claimed that he thought he had hit a deer or a bear with his car, but it turned out to be a man. The Republicans in the legislature simply couldn’t get over the holes in his story, so they voted to get rid of him. At least now we know where Republicans finally draw the line, as Farron Cousins explains.


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I know right now it may seem like Republicans really just have no interest at all in holding their own accountable, you know, upholding the rule of law. But believe it or not folks, we actually found out this week where Republicans draw the line with their own members. And apparently that line is don’t lie about killing a man and using the power of your office to cover it up. That is what happened in the state of South Dakota, where the Republican controlled legislature voted this week to impeach remove and forever bar from holding future office in the state, their Republican attorney general Jason Rabo, who was a first term Republican attorney general, who in 2020, ran over a man late at night, a 55 year old man. Now Rabo had previously pleaded no contest to two misdemeanor charges that law enforcement officials levied upon him. Of course, for killing a man.

And those misdemeanor charges were, um, making an legal lane change and using a phone while driving. Hmm. You killed a man and get in trouble for that. And here’s the thing. He lied about it. According to the nine one one call the evening that Mr. Ravens board killed this 55 year old man, he told the 9 1 1 operator, I think I hit a deer or maybe another large animal. He didn’t know for sure what he hit till he went back the next morning, I guess, to look. And that’s when he realized, oh no, it was a human being and the Republicans in the state legislature, which by the way, it’s 32 Republicans to three Democrats. in that South Dakota legislature, uh, that voted to impeach him and remove him and bar him. Um, and in fact, they almost didn’t get all the votes they needed to impeach him there.

Uh, they hit the bare minimum threshold of 24 votes, but why’d you even go back the next morning, unless of course you thought maybe it wasn’t an animal after all, but here’s where the story gets even more screwy. And this is why those two little misdemeanor charges of course are so, uh, uh, ridiculous. It turns out that according to a recreation of the crash, it’s most likely that the man’s face went through Ravens Bo’s windshield. And you know how they know that not just from, you know, imprints and things like that, you know, typical CSI type stuff. No, no, no. It’s cuz the man’s glasses were found in Ravens Bo’s car. The man’s glasses were in his car, which means his face had to have gone through that windshield or some other window of the car with enough force to knock his glasses off.

They also determined by the way, in the reconstruction that, uh, Ravens Borg had veered completely off the road when he hit the man, which actually led some Republicans who did vote to impeach him to say he ran him down. You know, almost trying to say that it was intentional. I don’t think it was intentional, but there’s also, you know, conflicting stories of what he told the police investigators. Like, no I wasn’t on my phone. And then he said, yeah, I was on my phone, which is why he got that misdemeanor charge and had to pay a minor fine again for killing a man whose face went through his windshield. That’s vehicular homicide.

This man should not have been able to plead no contest to a pair of misdemeanors. He shouldn’t have even had to have been impeached because he should have faced felony charges for leaving the scene of an accident after killing a human being. I mean that’s years and years and years in a federal prison. So if you ask me this man got off light and of course all the Republicans again, who voted to impeach him, uh, one of them even said, by the way, I’ve heard better lies from a five year old, they knew that his story was screwed up. And even in the investigation itself of the initial crash, he couldn’t keep his own story straight. At one point he said like, and yeah, when I saw him and then he goes, oh, well, well, I mean, I didn’t see him changing stories about using the phone. The man’s glasses were in the car for God’s sakes. That’s the only piece of evidence you needed. The glasses couldn’t have been in the car unless his head somehow got into the car.”


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