Republican Pollster Says Republican Voters Are Clearly Moving AWAY From Trump…

Date: June 25, 2022

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“A new Republican presidential primary poll from New Hampshire shows, for the first time ever, Ron DeSantis beating Trump in the crucial early primary state. This new information leads GOP pollster Frank Luntz to believe that the writing is on the wall saying that Republican voters are clearly moving on from Donald Trump. But is that too much to read into one small poll? Farron Cousins discusses this.


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So a new poll came out this week from the university of New Hampshire. It is a New Hampshire Republican presidential primary poll. And it shows that Ron DeSantis is now leading in the state. He is beating Donald Trump by two percentage points, 39 for Ron DeSantis, 37 for Donald Trump. It was 43 to 18 back in October of last year or so, DeSantis has made up a lot of ground and at least one Republican pollster. Frank Lance believes that this is all the evidence he needs to really prove that Republicans are moving on from Donald Trump. Like it’s over, it’s done this one tiny little pole that only sampled, you know, a few hundred people in one state, a small state, a tiny state, but an important state for primaries. I give him that thinks, Nope, this is proof. This is it it’s over. So once appeared on CNN on Thursday, and he was asked by CNN white house correspondent, Caitlin Collins, she said, DeSantis is the greatest threat to Trump.

When it comes to the Republican party and Lance responded quote, it’s more than a threat. The governor is proving that his approach and what he’s trying to accomplish. And what he has accomplished in Florida is more significant. And Republicans are now saying it’s time to move on. There’s now polling out that shows that Donald Trump is actually paying a price for what these hearings are showing. Now he is right about that. The polls have shifted tremendously in just two weeks of these hearings, right? Donald Trump is paying a price in the polls for what he did, or at least for what the committee has, you know, framed the whole debate as, and LUS does go on to also mention, look, Trump’s still a hugely influential figure in the party. You know, you’re not gonna be able to remove him from it, but removing the voters from him shows that yeah, we like you.

You did great. We’re it’s awesome. But uh, we’re gonna, we’re gonna go over here now. We still like you, man. You can come with us, but it’s time for us to move on. So the question is, does one single poll in one single state with a five and a half percentage point margin of error, which is really bad by the way says that the poll is essentially unreliable. Just to be clear. Does that really show that Republican voters are moving on it wouldn’t if, as Lunche pointed out the other polls hadn’t already showed similar things happening. Donald Trump’s unfavorable unfavorability ratings have of course ticked up in the two weeks since the committee hearings became public. On top of that. And this to me is the more important one prior to the first televised hearing, two thirds of the country

Did not think Donald Trump was responsible for what happened on January 6th. Well, fast forward to today, two thirds of people in the country now believe that Donald Trump should be criminally charged for what happened on January 6th. That is a huge reversal from 66% saying, nah, he’s not responsible. Now 66% say we lock him up. That’s pretty significant that that is a massive shift. And of course, DeSantis covering a 25 point gap between him and Donald Trump. Since October of last year, that’s a pretty massive feat DeSantis in my opinion. And I explained this over at ring of fire yesterday, DeSantis is far more worrisome than Donald Trump could ever even imagine to be. He has all of Donald Trump’s horrible policies without any of the baggage. And that makes him far more dangerous because he’s far more competent and it does look like voters are starting to say, we gotta move on from Trump. Who’s the next man up. And unfortunately that next man up is Ron DeSantis. So yeah, I actually do agree with Frank Lance for once. I think Republican voters are slowly starting to tell the party. It’s not just time to move on, but we are already moving on.”


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