How Elites Hurt the Poor With Terrible Ideas – Rob Henderson…


Date: June 27, 2022

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“Rob Henderson is a PhD student at Cambridge University studying Social and Evolutionary Psychology. He coined the term ‘luxury beliefs’ and writes regularly on Substack ( He is also a veteran.”

There is this concept among some progressives, that only the people immediately living a circumstance have the most right to talk about it [and everybody else should just “yield the stage”]…because you’re getting the most honest, accurate and unfiltered voices, to represent the real world lived experience.

In so many ways, and possibly because this same principle is never applied equally…it’s often bothered me to see it in practice out in public.

I have to admit though…I think it’s a decent concept…If “this” is not your life…then you don’t talk over the people who live that life…You listen to them, and learn from them…You actively work to empathize.

You respect them enough, to let them represent themselves.


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