4 thoughts on “Ukraine Has Collapsed & Is Failed State…

  1. feinmann

    I hear CNN ran a news item from Zaporizhzhia region very recently – the reporter was at the only crossing dividing Ukraine-held territory and Russia-held territory (alternative bridge crossings had been destroyed). He made the comment that the majority of the civilian traffic along this single road was headed towards Russian-held territory, and that the cars were loaded down with all kinds of possessions.

    Perhaps Ukrainian citizens have become aware of the continuous slide in the value of the hryvnia versus the $ and the strength of the rouble against the $, and what that means for their future. A critical point will occur when the temptation to live within a rouble-based financial system will become overwhelming.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      I’m sure many of them want to get out…It’s telling, if they flee to Russia.

      I’d expect a lot of the males forced to stay and fight, also want to leave.

  2. feinmann

    Just to be clear, Russian-held territory would be governed by for example, Donetsk People’s Republic or Luhansk People’s Republic administrations. As Russia-backed militia move west, other Republics may well be created. Ukrainian citizens living in these republics have been subject to a fast-track Russian citizenship program – I believe 400,000 DPR residents have received Russian passports already.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Almost like a new, but smaller, USSR.

      Of course, it is ultimately the peoples decision to make…You cannot really argue with it, if that is how they want things to be…

      …Not if we care about actual humans and their quality of life, anyway.


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