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Incredible Camping Inventions that Everyone Will Appreciate…


Date: July 19, 2022

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“Hello! Many people avoid going on camping trips because it’s really inconvenient. Surviving out there in the wilderness without all the comforts of the 21st century doesn’t appeal to some, and we can understand why. But it’s not as tough as it used to be, many new Inventions have been developed that’ll make your time outdoors much easier.
some incredible camping inventions that Everyone Will Appreciate

Let’s take a look at some incredible camping inventions that Everyone Will Appreciate!
Hope you like it!

➤ Tranendreef:

➤ Swissroom Box: World’s smallest motorhome:

➤ Frontier Plus: Best camping woodburning stove:

➤ Quite Lite Quick Cabin:

➤ Fireflower Fire Pits:

➤ FastPitch Galiano Instant tent:

➤ CLIQ Portable Chair:

➤ FlameCube Charging a phone while cooking outdoor:

➤ InstaPrivy: Portable Toilet System:

Standouts for me are the FlameCube, Fireflower and Quite Lite Quick Cabin…I think the Tranendreef are really neat, too…I just don’t see myself getting and installing one anywhere.

I wouldn’t want my phone on the ground, nor that close to a flame or cooking food…Seems like a disaster waiting to happen.


Biden makes ‘absolute clanger’ in Holocaust speech…

Date: July 17, 2022

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“The United States is led by a president in obvious decline as Joe Biden made an “absolute clanger” in Israel during a speech on the Holocaust, Sky News host Andrew Bolt says.

Mr Biden spoke at an arrival ceremony in Tel Aviv on his first trip to the Middle East since taking office.

In his address, the president emphasised the importance of remembering the Jewish lives lost during the Holocaust, before confusing the words “honour” and “horror”.

“To honour the six million Jewish lives that were stolen in a genocide and continue – which we must do every, every day – continue to bear witness, to keep alive the truth and honour [horror] of the Holocaust,” Mr Biden said.”

…”the honor of the holocaust”?…My goodness!…

Well…at least he didn’t do this in Germany…where they might be obliged to arrest and prosecute for hate speech.

I Jest.

Yes, yes…I know…”He didn’t mean to say that”…Makes you wonder, though.

Often when people make these kinds of flub ups, it’s really internal thoughts accidentally leaking out…

Given how inhumane Mo Lyin’ has been to the U.S. population [people of his own home]…I’m not so sure just how much he values Jews.

I’m not trying to put words into Mo Lyin’s mouth…It’s just…he’s a nasty politician, who’s spent his life putting on public performances…You never really know what to believe about most of his kind…other than they lie a lot…and there is often a lot about them, that’s down right ugly.

As to the military build up…I’d be curious for a study [or at least a poll], regarding what percentage of the earths population does not even want any of this weapons, threats, destruction, murdering bullshit…As opposed to what percentage wants it…And I mean, everyone, everywhere.

The people who actually have the weapons and start the wars, are in an extreme minority…Yet, their insanity devastates the extreme majority.

I’ll bet if we put our minds to it…we could bring the psychopath minority down…destroy their weapons…and stop being slaughtered and maimed by their wars.


Biden SNAPS At Reporter Over Low Poll Numbers…

Date: July 19, 2022

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“Joe Biden’s poll numbers are dropping faster than the President himself when he tries to ride a bike. So what does he do when a reporter asks him how he feels about, say, the fact that more than half of Democrats would like to see a different presidential candidate in 2024? Not well, it turns out, as a recent video suggests, showing Biden snapping at the reporter in question and citing a different poll indicating that 92 percent of Democrats say they will vote for him again in 2024 – but only if the other option is Trump.

Jimmy and show producer Malcolm Fleschner discuss Biden’s inability to control his anger and confusion over the results of two polls that addressed completely different questions.”


Can you really tell if a kid is lying? – Kang Lee…


Date: July 19, 2022

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“Are children poor liars? Do you think you can easily detect their lies? Developmental researcher Kang Lee studies what happens physiologically to children when they lie. They do it a lot, starting as young as two years old, and they’re actually really good at it. Lee explains why we should celebrate when kids start to lie and presents new lie-detection technology that could someday reveal our hidden emotions.”


Snyder Cut Fans Were BOTS, Says Rolling Stone…


Date: July 19, 2022

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“Rolling Stone still thinks it’s 2018. They fired off a hit piece against Zack Snyder and the Snyderverse fandom this week alleging that the Release the Snyder Cut movement was fueled by Twitter bots (a whopping 13%). Ray Fisher calls out the journalist and accuses her of writing trash, and it’s clear that Rolling Stone is FAILING when it comes to getting attention organically these days.”


AG Todd Rikita who threatened to go after abortion doctor hit with formal complaint…

Date: July 19, 2022

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“Republican Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita has been hit with a formal misconduct complaint over his threats to prosecute a doctor who performed an abortion for a 10-year-old rape victim.

The Washington Post reports that Lauren Robel, the former dean of Indiana University’s Maurer School of Law, filed a complaint against Rokita in which she alleged that he intended to “harass and intimidate” Dr. Caitlin Bernard when he falsely insinuated that she did not properly file a terminated pregnancy report with the Indiana Department of Health and the Department of Child Services.

In an interview with the Post, Robel singled out Rokita’s decision to publicly disparage Bernard and threaten to prosecute her during an interview on Fox News as a major red line that no attorney general should cross.

“The attorney general is tasked with protecting citizens, not going after them without evidence on television,” she explained. “I just fear that without those of us in the bar calling [out] that kind of behavior when we see it, we lower the standards.”

During his Fox News interview, Rokita attacked Bernard’s credentials as a doctor and said he and his office were looking into potentially having her license to practice medicine pulled.

“We have this abortion activist acting as a doctor with a history of failing to report,” Rokita said. “So we’re gathering the information. We’re gathering the evidence as we speak and we’re going to fight this to the end, including looking at her license, if she failed to report.



Steve Bannon’s Own Podcast Declares Him Guilty As Trial Begins…

Date: July 19, 2022

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“Jury selection began on Monday for Steve Bannon’s contempt trial, and while he was sitting in court, his own podcast was declaring him guilty. A lawyer who appeared with his guest host on Monday said that the jury is going to decide very quickly that Bannon is guilty, partly due to, as the guest claims, them being mostly Democrats (which isn’t known.) But, more importantly, the fact that there is really no legal defense is going to play the largest role. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.


*This transcript was generated by a third-party transcription software company, so please excuse any typos.

Steve Bannon’s trial began yesterday with jury selection. Of course he is on trial for the, uh, criminal contempt charges that were filed against him by the department of justice. After the criminal referral from the January 6th committee, after of course, Bannon failed to comply with a subpoena issued to him by the committee. But that doesn’t mean that his podcast is not airing every day. Nope. He’s got a guest host out there and yesterday, while Steve Bannon is sitting in that courthouse, the guest host on his podcast brought on one of Bannon’s regulars, a, uh, uh, man by the name of David, uh, fright. He’s an attorney and Mr. Fright, I may or may not be pronouncing that correctly. He actually already declared Steve Bannon guilty before jury selection had even finished a guest on Bannon’s podcast already said Bannon’s guilty, but not necessarily for the reasons that you would think here is what Mr. Fried had to say. I mean, the question is whether or not it’s going to be able to fill 25 minutes because what’s going to go on with the ban in trial, jury selection, federal court, it goes exceedingly quickly. It’s going to be 95 plus if not, 100% Democrat anti-Trump and anti Steve Bannon. And then what’s left of Bannon’s defenses. What’s left to prove from the prosecution. Did you receive the subpoena? Did you respect the subpoena? Yes. And no case closed.

Wow. If only the trial would go that fast. Right? I would love to see that, but actually here’s the crazy part is Mr. Fright is actually right about the second part. I don’t know about the a hundred percent Democrat. You know, we don’t know what these jurors believe will probably find that out after the trial is over, but either way, he is right about the legal defenses. And we know he is right, because that’s already what the judges said last week before the trial even began. The judge, once again, struck down another motion by Bannon’s attorneys. And he also effectively struck down all of their legal defenses because Bannon’s team was trying to claim that Bannon of course had executive privilege from Trump. The judge says, no, you don’t Trump. Didn’t give you executive privilege. Not to mention the fact that Trump is the former president.

He has no claim of executive privilege. The current president, Joe Biden is the only one who can do that. And he said, he’s not gonna do it. So your executive privilege defense is out the window. Bannon’s attorneys then asked them, what’s even the point of a trial to which the judge responded one simple word. He said, agreed, because there is no defense as this lawyer on Bannon’s own podcast pointed out, like, did you get the subpoena? Yes I did. Did you comply with it? No, I didn’t. Okay. Then you’re guilty. it really is that simple folks. The judge has made it that simple by throwing out all of these other defenses

That Bannon’s lawyers could possibly use. But I love the fact that this guy, Mr. Fright came on Bannon’s own podcast and told his audience that yeah, guys get prepared, cuz this guy’s going down. It’s not gonna end well for him. Here’s the fun part. The two misdemeanor charges that Steve Bannon is facing, uh, each come with possible prison sentences anywhere from 30 days to one year in jail for both of them. So it could be 60 days to two years. So if Bannon is found guilty, if he does not just, you know, immediately try to work out a deal and say, all right, let’s get out of this. I give you my stuff. Um, he could be going to jail.”