Biden makes ‘absolute clanger’ in Holocaust speech…

Date: July 17, 2022

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“The United States is led by a president in obvious decline as Joe Biden made an “absolute clanger” in Israel during a speech on the Holocaust, Sky News host Andrew Bolt says.

Mr Biden spoke at an arrival ceremony in Tel Aviv on his first trip to the Middle East since taking office.

In his address, the president emphasised the importance of remembering the Jewish lives lost during the Holocaust, before confusing the words “honour” and “horror”.

“To honour the six million Jewish lives that were stolen in a genocide and continue – which we must do every, every day – continue to bear witness, to keep alive the truth and honour [horror] of the Holocaust,” Mr Biden said.”

…”the honor of the holocaust”?…My goodness!…

Well…at least he didn’t do this in Germany…where they might be obliged to arrest and prosecute for hate speech.

I Jest.

Yes, yes…I know…”He didn’t mean to say that”…Makes you wonder, though.

Often when people make these kinds of flub ups, it’s really internal thoughts accidentally leaking out…

Given how inhumane Mo Lyin’ has been to the U.S. population [people of his own home]…I’m not so sure just how much he values Jews.

I’m not trying to put words into Mo Lyin’s mouth…It’s just…he’s a nasty politician, who’s spent his life putting on public performances…You never really know what to believe about most of his kind…other than they lie a lot…and there is often a lot about them, that’s down right ugly.

As to the military build up…I’d be curious for a study [or at least a poll], regarding what percentage of the earths population does not even want any of this weapons, threats, destruction, murdering bullshit…As opposed to what percentage wants it…And I mean, everyone, everywhere.

The people who actually have the weapons and start the wars, are in an extreme minority…Yet, their insanity devastates the extreme majority.

I’ll bet if we put our minds to it…we could bring the psychopath minority down…destroy their weapons…and stop being slaughtered and maimed by their wars.


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