How Sex, Drugs, and Ancient Humans Affect Today’s Politics with Chris Ryan…


Date: July 22, 2022

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“Chris Ryan, author of Civilized to Death and Sex at Dawn, as well as host of the podcast Tangentially Speaking, wants to help you live happier.

He’s studied hunter gatherers; our closest relatives in the animal kingdom; and human philosophy/history to learn why we do what we do, what makes us want to live, and what we’re doing wrong today. Of course we ask him how all this shapes media and politics, but Chris also shares practical tips for any Useful Idiot to meaningfully improve their mindset on life.

These include helping others, living less alone, spending less money of stuff we think makes us happier, and saying screw it and jumping into cold rivers. He’s got the science and philosophy behind all of it.

And subscribe for the full interview where Chris talks psychedelics, paradigm shifting experiences, and how the government is lying to us.

It’s all this, and more, on a transformative episode of Useful Idiots. Check it out.

0:00 Intro
0:45 Four food groups
16:40 Stoned moment
17:26 Chris Ryan interview”


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