Marjorie Taylor Greene Claims She’s The Victim Of A Hate Crime…

Date: July 25, 2022

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“In a video posted on social media this week, Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene claimed that she was the victim of a hate crime because her bigoted sign outside her office keeps getting vandalized and no one is going to jail for it. Greene clearly has no idea what a hate crime actually is, but she apparently thinks that hating something is all it takes. Farron Cousins discusses this ridiculous situation.


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Marjorie Taylor green loves her little signs that she hangs up outside of her office, but she hates with a passion. The fact that these signs continue to get defaced and she is still furious over the fact that the capital police have allegedly identified the vandalizing. But the DOJ is refusing to prosecute the individual for ruining Marjorie Taylor greens. There are only two genders sign. So Marjorie Taylor green decided recently to put up a new sign and call out this democratic staffer on the sign itself for being the defacer of the sign, which of course that signed then got defaced. So after this happened, Marjorie Taylor green puts out a video where she says the following, you wanna know what happened? Another sign got taken off the wall. They can’t take the fact that there’s only two genders, male and female. They’ve been attacking this sign. Tim HEK chief of staff for Jake Austin, Claus. I’m sure Jake doesn’t get awards like this for actually having a great voting record. She said, showing off an award, she happened to be carrying. They attack this because they hate my faith. They hate my religion and they hate the fact that I’m a woman. The department of justice is not going to prosecute them.

So are you trying to imply that this is some kind of a hate crime that literally calling you out for your bigotry, which is why you put the sign up in the first place. It has nothing to do with your religion because your sign actually says, trust the science, like there’s only two genders, male and female trust the science. It doesn’t say my religion says, so it actually said, trust the science. So your own defense of your bigotry undercuts what your sign already said, which would mean it would not actually in fact be a, be a hate crime.

So I’m not exactly sure what point you’re trying to make, but you’re trying to make this a religious issue when it clearly is not show me in the Bible where it says there’s only two genders that transgenderism cannot exist or does not exist. Show me in the Bible where it talks about transgenderism. Can anybody show me that dancer? Of course says, no, you can’t. I’m sure there’s some conservatives right now trying to, oh, well it says that, nah, it doesn’t actually address the issue of being transgender. Does it now? No, it doesn’t. You can look all through that book front to back top to bottom left to right, right. To left, whatever you want to do, but you’re not gonna find it in there. So no Marjorie, this is in fact not a hate crime. And even though it is filled with bigotry, what you are doing by putting the sign up in the first place is also technically not a hate

Crime, but you are acting out of hate. You’re acting out of spite because you put this sign up because the Congress member across the hall from you happens to have a Chan, a transgender child. That’s why you did it. You did it because you hate them. So if we’re gonna talk about hate, if we’re gonna talk about violence against other people, let’s talk about the implied violence by what you’re doing, forcing that parent to see this sign every day, knowing that the person across the hall from them hates who their child is for no other reason than pure blatant bigotry. That’s what’s happening here. Marjorie Taylor green. Oh, and if you wanna wonder why, or if you want to know why, excuse me, why the DOJs not gonna prosecute this. Even though they, of course seemingly have identified this individual, it’s not worth the time.

It would literally cost the department of justice. Thousands of dollars to prosecute this individual for misdemeanor, vandalism of a sign whose value is not enough to even secure any kind of sentence that would come with any kind of prison time. Like you probably couldn’t even put this person in county jail for a day based on this crime. So the DOJ would lose a ton of money. Us taxpayers of course would lose a ton of money if they decided to prosecute this individual. If you don’t like your sign, getting to face, quit putting the sign out there. But we all know you secretly love it, which is why you do it in the first”

That poor girl!…

…Someone is interfering with her being a complete asshole.


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