Capitol Rioters Cry Like Babies As Judge Sentences Them To 3 Years In Prison…

Date: July 26, 2022

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“Two men who had previously pleaded guilty to participating in violence at the Capitol during the January 6th riot openly wept in court last week when they were each sentenced to 44 months in prison. The men begged for leniency, but the judge told them they were already getting a lenient deal as some of the charges against them had been dropped. Farron Cousins explains why we shouldn’t have any sympathy for these people.


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Last week, a pair of capital rioters who had pleaded guilty all the way back in April were finally sentenced for what they did during the capital riot. And as they begged for leniency from the judge, the two men openly wept. Now these were younger men. Um, I believe let’s see what their ages were. Uh, one of them was 30. The other was 29. So prime of their lives, right? Everything in front of ’em, they were in their twenties. Of course, when the riot happened and they’re sobbing in front of this judge begging him, please do not send us to prison. We would like leniency. And the judge had to inform the duo that we’ve already given you leniency. We actually dropped some of the more serious charges against you that would’ve resulted in a longer prison sentence. So you’re both getting 44 months in jail, right?

Four months shy of four years, a piece, and only a handful of rioters have actually received longer sentences than that. So these men, these young men now up there at the top, not the very top, but towards the top of total amount of prison time received by any capital riots. And of course, as I said, they sobbed, they wept because they were so, so sorry for what they’d done that day. But the judge, in addition to informing them that they already got leniency, reminded them that no, you’re not actually sorry for what you did. And I will say the men, you know, mention, we got young kids, we’re gonna miss the next four years of their lives. Now, eh, you should have thought about that before you stormed the capital guys. Sorry. It sucks for the kids. Not necessarily for you because here is what these two men did as part of the mob that stormed the capital on January 6th, 2021, these two guys, according to the court filings led the mob that rushed the police officers basically incapacitating the officers.

They then crowd surfed their way to the top, to the front of the line, where they then used pepper spray to take out several police officers. They maced the cops. These two men did according to these court filings. So I have no sympathy for you. Honestly. I don’t even know if I have sympathy for the kids, cuz it’s probably better for them that you’re not a part of their lives now because as the judge pointed out, you’re not actually sorry for what you did. Cuz the judge then read from the men’s own text messages, where they were laughing and congratulating each other after successfully storming the capital, right? And the days that followed, they were texting back and forth congratulating each other for

It. Now those don’t seem like the actions of an individual. That’s truly sorry for what they did that day. And that of course is why the judge refused to give them any further leniency. You bragged about it. You patted each other on the back for it because you were pleased with what you had done that day. Okay. There, there is no mistaking that they were happy. They were texting their families by the way, as they were in there boasting about what was happening, talking about how exciting it was. So I don’t care. You can save your crocodile tears. You can save your excuses about missing the next four years of your kids’ lives. You should have thought about that. You’re not sorry about what you did. You’re sorry that you’re having to pay a price for it. I have no sympathy for any of these capital riders. I don’t care about their situations at home. I don’t care about who is being left behind as these people go to prison because this is what these individuals who participated in the capital riot deserve you, amazed police officers. And I guarantee you, you’re the kind of people who at least some point in your recent history have said blue lives matter. but you’ve shown that you don’t actually mean those words. Do ya? So don’t shed any tears for these capital rioters folks. They’re finally getting exactly what they deserve.”


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