New York DA Was Too Scared Of Losing To Prosecute Donald Trump…

Date: July 26, 2022

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“One of the prosecutors that left the Manhattan District Attorney’s office earlier this year has come forward saying that new DA Alvin Bragg was too focused on how they could lose the case against Donald Trump to bring charges. The fear of losing, the prosecutor said, is why no charges ended up being filed in the case. This is a complete dereliction of duty for Bragg, as Farron Cousins explains.


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Earlier this year, as we know, two of the lead investigators slash prosecutors that were working with the Manhattan district attorney’s office abruptly resigned after it became clear that the new district attorney who took office earlier this year, Alvin brag was not going to issue criminal charges against Donald Trump. Well, this past week, one of those, uh, attorneys who left mark Pomerance actually appeared on a podcast where he explained finally months later, why Alvin Bragg’s team didn’t wanna file those criminal charges against Donald Trump, uh, for the, you know, alleged financial fraud that was taking place. Now, before I read the reason that he gives us, let me just make it clear Pran. And the other attorney who also left, made it clear that outgoing da Cyrus Vance was just, as they put it days away from filing the criminal charges against Donald Trump. They had laid out their case.

They had everything they needed, and they were certain that criminal charges could in fact be successful. They were about to do it. Then Alvin brag came in and refused to, and here in mark Palmer’s own words is why he and the new team were focused on the risk that we could lose the case. It’s very hard to take somebody who has not been exposed to those facts on a trip through the capillaries of the financial statements in a meeting or even a meeting or two, the devil was really in the details and the details couldn’t be explained in kind of short form. Ultimately the da, the incoming da brag and the team were not comfortable going forward. So did we do a bad job of laying out the facts? Did, did they not hear what we were saying? Were the facts too complicated to explain in the format that we were using?

They don’t know because there’s no real answers given, but as Palmer is clearly saying here, like we had it all and we laid it out and we explained it to you, but maybe we did a bad job of explaining it. Or maybe you just didn’t understand. Maybe you thought it was just too weak and you were gonna lose. Oh, and you didn’t want that to be your first action as district attorney. I understand that you got a political career to think of. So to hell with getting justice here in the United States, I wanna advance my political career. So here’s the thing. This investigation at the DA’s office in Manhattan, of course is still ongoing, right? There’s still the possibility that criminal charges could be filed. I think it’s very unlikely that this would happen. You of course have the attorney General’s investigation in New York, but that is only a civil matter. She cannot file criminal charges in it. So what now? Well, for one, I think there need to be broader calls, uh, for Alvin Bragg to be removed from office. But more importantly, I know some of the best lawyers in this country, I’ve worked with them for nearly two decades. I

Have interviewed a majority of the living members of the national trial lawyer hall of fame, and in personal and professional conversations with these individuals, some of the best plaintiffs, lawyers, lawyers in the country, they’ve all told me the same thing. Sometimes they will take on cases. They will spend millions of dollars investigating cases and bring it to trial that they know they’re not gonna win, but they still give it their all, they still put all the effort into it. They put all the money into it, which by the way, they don’t get back when they lose. And they do spend millions investigating cases like this, and they’ll take it to trial. And they’ll tell me before, they’re like, I know we’re not gonna win this. The evidence is weak, but we do have people that have been injured and by God, we’re gonna fight and we’re gonna do everything we can.

And sometimes they do win those cases. They feel are unwinnable. A lot of times they don’t. But the important thing is that they don’t stop trying, even when they know they can’t win. Even when they go against the biggest corporations on the planet, they still do it to fight for justice.”


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