Twitter Flags Marjorie Taylor Greene For Hateful Content…

Date: July 26, 2022

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“Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has once again run afoul of Twitter’s rules, this time by posting “hateful content” about a transgender doctor at the Department of Health and Human Services. Greene repeatedly deadnamed the doctor, calling her by her former male name, and then proceeded to create a disgusting hashtag for people to use. Twitter could have prevented this a long time ago, but they didn’t want to ruffle conservative feathers. Farron Cousins explains what happened.


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Twitter has once again, been forced to flag Marjorie Taylor green for posting hateful content on their platform. This time by dead naming a doctor that happens to be the, uh, assistant secretary for health in the department of health and human services. Dr. Rachel Levine in her tweets, Marjorie Taylor green, repeatedly referred to Dr. Levine as Dr. Dick Levine. Of course, the name before Dr. Rachel Levine transitioned and Twitter did not take it down because they said, quote, this tweet violated the Twitter rules about hateful conduct. However, Twitter has determined that it may be in the public’s interest for the tweet to remain accessible. So I’m going to read the offending tweet, the offensive tweet. Um, I’m gonna read her hashtag this is all coming from a sitting member of the United States house of representatives. Again, referencing Dr. Rachel Levine from the department of health and human services. We must do everything we can to prevent Dr. Dr. Dick Levine’s preteen, hashtag weenie chop. Now that I think about it as Dr. Dick Levine advocates for gender affirming care for minors, has he undergone the hashtag weenie chop himself, or is he just pushing this on children? It’s in the public’s interest for this tweet to remain up? So say if the rulers of Twitter,

There are so many offensive things in what Marjorie Taylor green said in this tweet that I, I don’t even know where to begin. Of course, the dead naming, you know, calling her a he just because you frigging feel like it. This is sick and it’s disgusting, and nobody is more obsessed with gender and pronouns than these Republicans. You know, I love how they always try to paint the liberals, the progressives, everybody, anybody on the left is trying to be too woke and being so concerned about people’s gender. Actually, we’re not

Tell us what to call. You will call you that. No problem. It’s the Republicans that love to talk about it. It’s the Republicans that love to intentionally call people by their dead names, call people by the wrong pronouns intentionally when it’s just as easy to use the pronouns they want to use. It’s not an issue, but Republicans like Marjorie Taylor green are so bigoted and so hateful that they make it an issue. They’re the ones that are the fragile little snowflakes, but the hashtag weenie chop thing, man, I, I, I don’t even, I, I don’t even, I don’t even know, just such a vial and disgusting piece of trailer trash that we have serving in the house of representatives, because that’s where this kind of behavior belongs. This belongs on the Jerry Springer show. And yet here it is in Congress from Marjorie Taylor green, she’s pure trash.

She is absolutely the trashiest person in the United States house of representatives. And that’s saying a lot considering this is a house of representatives that includes people like Matt gates and Lauren Bobert green has managed to be trashier than all of them combined, even more so than ghosts are, but, but Twitter’s leaving it up, you know? Oh, they’re telling you it’s hateful. Sure, sure, sure. But you know, it’s in your best interest, maybe Twitter thinks it’s in our best interest so that we can see what a hateful bigot Marjorie Taylor green really is. Maybe I, I, I suppose that’s of interest to the public, but here’s what gets me about this. This is coming from her official at rep MTG Twitter account, her verified congressional account because that’s the only one she has her personal account was banned long ago for spreading misinformation. But Twitter, let her keep this one.

And this is what we get for that. Twitter could have put an end to this back then. I mean, look, you’re talking about an account run by the same person. If she’s filled with misinformation and hatefulness on one account, you don’t think she’s just gonna turn over and do that on the other, cuz you only ban one, but not the other one. That’s idiotic ban this piece of trash from Twitter. This isn’t a freedom of speech issue folks”

The twitter a-holes pull “rules and policies” out of their own asses, on a whim…depending on how they want to play anything in the moment.

There is no consistency…There is no logical pattern…They’re just cut loose to do as they please, without consequence.

If they don’t feel like it, then they refuse to enforce their own rules…even when they know they are supposed to…even when they know it makes them extreme, smug hypocrites.


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