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Trump Practices His Defense As He Clearly Panics About DOJ Investigation…

Date: July 28, 2022

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“Donald Trump is clearly freaking out about the news that the DOJ is targeting him in their ongoing investigation into the fake elector scheme, and he appears to be workshopping his legal defense in case he gets indicted. Trump is trying to publicly claim that he was just acting in his official duties as President when all the schemes unfolded, which legal experts tell us could be the only possible defense that might let him avoid prison, if he gets indicted. Farron Cousins explains what’s happening.


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So news broke this week. Of course, I’m sure everybody’s seen it by this point that yes, the department of justice is in fact targeting Donald Trump, uh, in their ongoing investigation. Mark Short, Mike Pence’s, former chief of staff has already talked to the grand jury last week. You have other folks that have actually cooperated with the January 6th committee that are now cooperating. Also with the DOJ investigation. Cassidy Hutchinson is one of them that was announced late on Wednesday. So the investigation is ticking up. Things are looking bad for Donald Trump, especially with that treasure trove of emails released from the New York times. That directly ties all of Trump’s lawyers and possibly Trump himself into the fake elector scheme. So naturally you would expect Donald Trump to have a meltdown and release some kind of idiotic statement, trying to downplay what’s happening. And we got it. Donald Trump on Tuesday evening send out a series of, uh, truths on truth social.

And this is what he had to say. Oh, actually, before I even tell you what he had to say, let me put it this way. You gotta understand the framing here. What Trump is about to do in this statement. I’m gonna read he’s testing out his legal defense, right? He’s workshopping it. He’s putting it out there in the ether so that if he ends up going to trial for, you know, being indicted, he can say, well, look, I’ve been saying this for a long time. This has been my, my rationale the whole time. So anyway, having said that, here is this statement. Bear with me folks. It’s a long, crazy one. Just more disinformation by the Democrats. Like the Russia, Russia, Russia, scam, impeachment, hos number one, impeachment hoax, number two, the long running Mueller report, which ended in no collusion and so much more.

Now that we have found the answers to these crooked election changing events. Why is the justice department not prosecuting those responsible plenty of time left people forget. This is all about a rigged and stolen election, but rather than go after the people that rigged and stole it, they go after the people that are seeking honesty and truth and have freedom of speech and many other defenses on their side justice department should look at the crime of the century. Evidence is massive and irrefutable. He continues. The Georgia phone calls were perfect. Many people and lawyers on both sides were knowingly on the one call. I assume the call was taped. There was zero complaints or angry. How dare you charges made during the call and no hangups by anyone aggrieved or insulted at what was said? They were perfect calls. I was just doing my job as president and seeking fairness in the truth.

The election was rigged and stolen. The election was not rigged. It was not stolen. Joe Biden won legitimately Donald Trump lost legitimately. And the reason I have to say that is because if we don’t point that out, out in every single video that we talk about it, uh, YouTube will hit you for that and put a strike on it. So just so everybody knows in case there’s anything not clear, I’m not saying that the election was stolen. Those were, uh, quotes from Donald Trump. The election was not stolen. He’s a moron. Let’s dissect it. It’s that last statement, right? Actually, I guess second to last, cuz his last statement was the election was rigged and stolen. No one, I was just doing my job as president and seeking fairness in the truth. I was just doing my job. Okay. So, so we’re going with the old Nuremberg defense.

Aren’t we, I was just following orders here, but no, listen, the reason that line is important and the reason he included it is because should he be indicted, right? Should he stand before a jury? The only possible defense he could have according to legal experts is to successfully have his legal team argue that he was just fulfilling his job as president to make sure everything was on the level. You know, we don’t want any discrepancies. We wanna make sure this was all legit. I’m doing my job. I’m doing my due diligence by ordering all these things to happen.”

It was clear long before the 2020 election, that they were pulling this stunt…

They were making the claim of a “stolen election”, well before the election even took place…They were aggressively planting this idea into the public consciousness…and targeting the gullable…and the assholes who don’t care it’s a blatant lie, but just want to seize control of the country, forcing the masses into compliance at gunpoint.

It’s always been crystal clear what they were doing…They planned on riling up the aggressive, violent religious fringe, and having them overrun the entire political system…and everybody else, who is not them.

Nothing…absolutely nothing, about the actual election process unfolding before our eyes, indicated that Donald Trump was being cheated against in any way.

It was entirely predictable, to any honest person with common sense, that Trump had a very high likelihood of losing the 2020 election.

And yet…way, way out, long before the election…Trump was already claiming the election had been stolen…

…I think he [and his clan] knew…he was very likely to lose…and they were just trying to alter the inevitable.

Of course…Trump would have never vacated the office “won in a stolen election”, had he somehow managed to win a second term…

…That would have been a curious speech, walking back the whole “stolen election” narrative.

They lied…They were lying all along.


Trump Viciously Attacks Mitch McConnell As ‘Disloyal Sleaze Bag’ After Latest Hearing…

Date: July 28, 2022

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“Donald Trump was furious that video in the latest January 6th Committee hearing showed Mitch McConnell saying that they weren’t going to stop the Electoral Vote certification, and he lashed out at the Senate minority leader on Truth Social. Trump called McConnell a “disloyal sleaze bag,” a statement that has more meaning than most people realize. Farron Cousins explains what’s happening.


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Donald Trump lashed out on Thursday, late evening slash early Friday morning at Senate minority leader, Mitch McConnell for being a as Trump put it disloyal sleaze bag. So what’s Mitch McConnell’s latest crime in the eyes of Donald Trump. Well, on Thursday evening, during the, uh, prime time televised hearing of the January 6th committee, they showed a clip, right? Mitch McConnell talking with then defense secretary, uh, Chris Miller saying, quote, uh, we’re not going to let these people keep us from finishing our business. So we need you to get the building cleared. Give us the, okay. So we can go back in session and finish up the people’s business as soon as possible. That’s it? Right. Kind of harmless stuff like, Hey, we’re not gonna let these people interrupt us, get ’em outta here so we can get back to business. I mean, that’s, that’s not a partisan statement that that’s not even an attack on Donald Trump, but for some reason it absolutely just Donald Trump off beyond belief.

So Trump gets on truth, social, and he says, this is this the same Mitch McConnell who was losing big in Kentucky and came to the white house to beg me for an endorsement and help without me. He would’ve lost in a landslide, a disloyal sleeze bag. Okay. Okay. All right. Lots, lots of lies in that, you know, just few sentences there, Mitch McConnell was not in fact losing, like, what the hell are you talking about? Mitch McConnell? As much as I hate to admit, it was never in danger of losing his seat in that last election. Like it was his, he wasn’t gonna lose to a mega primary challenger. He won by double digits. Even with the Democrat spinning against him. Donald Trump endorsement would not have helped or hindered Mitch McConnell. He is safe. Like if anybody in this country is in a safe place, it’s Mitch McConnell.

He didn’t need you Trump. So you’re lying your off. If you think you saved his campaign, I hate Mitch McConnell, but he was never in danger. Secondly, disloyal, disloyal that one word right there tells you everything you need to know about what Donald Trump is feeling right now. And it’s very telling. And of course, very terrifying. What that phrase means is that Mitch McConnell is supposed to show loyalty to Donald Trump, not to the constitution, not to his position of power, not to the job at hand at the time, which of course was certifying the electoral college results. He shouldn’t have been loyal to any of that. Donald Trump is, is implying here. He should have only been loyal to Donald Trump. So what I’m taking away from it, you know, this is my interpretation of Donald Trump’s statement here, cuz I think that

Disloyal term that he used there is a big one. I, I, I think it again kind of exposes Donald Trump’s, uh, entire motive here. The fact that Mitch McConnell wanted to get back to work certifying the election goes against what Donald Trump was trying to do, which of course was get those election results overturned. So he is mad that Mitch McConnell was loyal to the constitution, loyal to the rule of law for once and not to Donald Trump. And that’s the Cardinal sin of the Republican party, right? We have seen other Republicans who have been good little Republicans passing Republican legislation, doing horrible things to everyone imaginable, but going against Donald Trump. And what’s happened to those people. Well this week, rusty Bowers, good little faithful Republican from Arizona speaker of their state house was censured by his own party for going in front of the January 6th committee and saying there was no voter fraud in our state. The only bad thing a Republican can do these days is to not be 100% loyal and on board with the messaging of Donald Trump. If you do that, you are now labeled disloyal, not just by Donald Trump will be the entire Republican party. This is what they have become. It’s disgusting. It’s terrifying. And I don’t know that there’s any way going back for this party, they have made their choice of who they want to be. And it’s nothing that anyone in this country should be proud of.”

Pretty sure Mitch has always been a Disloyal Sleaze Bag…towards the people he supposedly represents…and towards the nations majority [working class/poor]…

It’s telling that Trump only thinks it matters, when Mitch isn’t serving his agendas.

Where is the outrage over what Mitch has done to the people?


Vince McMahon NDAs Being Leaked…

Date: July 28, 2022

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The Vince McMahon Scandal – Secret Affairs, Hush Money, Stepping Down as WWE CEO:

More on the Vince McMahon $12 million hush money payments: Wrestling Observer Radio:

“Dave and Garrett discuss the new Wall Street Journal report detailing other NDAs Vince McMahon agreed to that total up to $12 million. [July 8, 2022]”

I haven’t really watched the product they put out for a couple of decades…I know Vince still owns a controlling share of the company…So, I don’t see how they’ll be able to completely eject him…

…But it would be nice if they actually got back to a diverse style of presentation…90’s Raw would be nice to see again.

What they produce these days, is mundane, over produced, lame garbage…and it all feels the same.

It’s high time for the McMahon’s to go…Maybe the company can emerge as something better, once they are out of the way.

Nothing about this scandal is shocking…To bad for Vince, that this is how he is going out…He’s so old, he probably wont be able to rehabilitate his own image.


Trump Allies Have Terrifying Plan To Reshape America If He Becomes President Again…

Date: July 28, 2022

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“According to a massive new report from Axios, Donald Trump’s closest allies are working on plans to dramatically reshape the federal government should the former President end up back in power. The plan involves installing the worst of the worst of Trump’s most loyal servants to key positions, and using their power to replace thousands of civil servants with other Trump loyalists. There’s a reason they want this kind of total control, and Farron Cousins explains why that is.


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According to a massive new report from Axios, a group of Donald Trump allies, who in previous reporting had been described as running a quote, shadow government, preparing for a Trump second term. Well, now they’re working on even deeper plans and these deeper plans involve effectively purging the entire department of justice and replacing all of these employees with Donald Trump’s loyalists. Here’s what happens when a new president comes in, they’ve got roughly 3000 political appointments they can make to various positions within the DOJ, which of course includes the FBI and other entities that Donald Trump has referred to as the deep state. So you get about 3000 people, which is a hell of a lot. I didn’t realize it was that many, but the president gets to put about 3000 people in that’s. You know, the upper crust, everything below that is actually protected. And these people typically serve from administration to administration, regardless of party or political affiliation.

They’re your, you know, career civil servants essentially. Well, in October of 20, 20, shortly before Donald Trump was voted out of office, he signed an executive order called creating schedule F in the service and what this did, because of course they were anticipating a Trump victory in 2020. It allowed him to go through and purge up to 50,000 employees at the DOJ by taking away that protected status. So not only do he get the upper crust, you get some of the crust below that too. Basically ensuring that you’ve got, you know, 53,000 people in that DOJ, the FBI that are under your control. Now Biden ripped this up immediately upon taking office. Donald Trump never had the opportunity to do the things he wanted to do. So it never happened. But now these loyalists that include people like Jeffrey Clark, who of course was instrumental in trying to get the 2020 election results overturned for Donald Trump and the other members of that group, which we’ve talked about in recent, uh, videos. They wanna re-implement this schedule F exemption, which of course would allow Donald Trump upon taking office a second time to effectively purge anyone at the DOJ that he does not believe is firmly loyal to him. This would not only dramatically reshape these agencies, but it would reshape the entire country because there’s a reason Donald Trump wants to do things like this. It’s because of what I’ve been calling recently, the revenge

Agenda, there’s only so much that Donald Trump would be able to do as president, you know, to get revenge on whether it’s government entities, whether it’s his political enemies, whether it’s, you know, just certain portions of the population that he hates. So only so much he could do before he would hit pushback from members of the DOJ or other government organizations by creating this exemption. What he can do is effectively stack the deck against us, not just the one person at the top. Who’s basically being rebutted by the 40 people below them, but getting that entire thing, all of the people so that there is no resistance for whatever crazy horrible thing it is that he wants to do. And that of course is how it would end up reshaping America. That is how he could successfully pull off another coup I know he’d be term limited, but if you think that would prevent him from trying to stay in office longer than he would legally be allowed to do, then you’ve got another thing coming, because I firmly believe if Trump ever gets back in that white house, he will never leave willingly. And if he is able to stack these organizations with people who are loyal to him, not the rule of law, not the constitution, then suddenly we’ve got a real Tyron on our hands that can do whatever the hell he wants to whoever the hell he wants. That is the plan here. And based on what we’re seeing, they’ve already got a pretty good head, start on how they’re going to implement it. And that should terrify everyone.”