5 thoughts on “Jimmy Dore Was Right As Media Starts To Back Track On Russiagate & Zelenskyy…

    1. feinmann

      Same in Europe. Leaders became so fixated with Elensky’s cause that they forgot about governing their own countries. The Elensky curse caught up with them however, and they have fallen one by one: Bojo (UK), Draghi (Italy), Macron (France), Petkov (Bulgaria) … and Scholtz (Germany) will likely succumb soon. However, the damage has been done and massive pain now afflicts EU citizens due to unaffordable goods and services, and hugely reduced energy supplies.

      Simple solution … remove sanctions and apologise to Russia for the visceral hatred heaped upon them over the past six months.

      1. eqfoundation Post author


        Elensky does not deserve to be defended…He’s a source of the problem.

        People are pissed off, that “our” money has been thrown at this insanity, while our population is being allowed to collapse.

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