Trump Practices His Defense As He Clearly Panics About DOJ Investigation…

Date: July 28, 2022

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“Donald Trump is clearly freaking out about the news that the DOJ is targeting him in their ongoing investigation into the fake elector scheme, and he appears to be workshopping his legal defense in case he gets indicted. Trump is trying to publicly claim that he was just acting in his official duties as President when all the schemes unfolded, which legal experts tell us could be the only possible defense that might let him avoid prison, if he gets indicted. Farron Cousins explains what’s happening.


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So news broke this week. Of course, I’m sure everybody’s seen it by this point that yes, the department of justice is in fact targeting Donald Trump, uh, in their ongoing investigation. Mark Short, Mike Pence’s, former chief of staff has already talked to the grand jury last week. You have other folks that have actually cooperated with the January 6th committee that are now cooperating. Also with the DOJ investigation. Cassidy Hutchinson is one of them that was announced late on Wednesday. So the investigation is ticking up. Things are looking bad for Donald Trump, especially with that treasure trove of emails released from the New York times. That directly ties all of Trump’s lawyers and possibly Trump himself into the fake elector scheme. So naturally you would expect Donald Trump to have a meltdown and release some kind of idiotic statement, trying to downplay what’s happening. And we got it. Donald Trump on Tuesday evening send out a series of, uh, truths on truth social.

And this is what he had to say. Oh, actually, before I even tell you what he had to say, let me put it this way. You gotta understand the framing here. What Trump is about to do in this statement. I’m gonna read he’s testing out his legal defense, right? He’s workshopping it. He’s putting it out there in the ether so that if he ends up going to trial for, you know, being indicted, he can say, well, look, I’ve been saying this for a long time. This has been my, my rationale the whole time. So anyway, having said that, here is this statement. Bear with me folks. It’s a long, crazy one. Just more disinformation by the Democrats. Like the Russia, Russia, Russia, scam, impeachment, hos number one, impeachment hoax, number two, the long running Mueller report, which ended in no collusion and so much more.

Now that we have found the answers to these crooked election changing events. Why is the justice department not prosecuting those responsible plenty of time left people forget. This is all about a rigged and stolen election, but rather than go after the people that rigged and stole it, they go after the people that are seeking honesty and truth and have freedom of speech and many other defenses on their side justice department should look at the crime of the century. Evidence is massive and irrefutable. He continues. The Georgia phone calls were perfect. Many people and lawyers on both sides were knowingly on the one call. I assume the call was taped. There was zero complaints or angry. How dare you charges made during the call and no hangups by anyone aggrieved or insulted at what was said? They were perfect calls. I was just doing my job as president and seeking fairness in the truth.

The election was rigged and stolen. The election was not rigged. It was not stolen. Joe Biden won legitimately Donald Trump lost legitimately. And the reason I have to say that is because if we don’t point that out, out in every single video that we talk about it, uh, YouTube will hit you for that and put a strike on it. So just so everybody knows in case there’s anything not clear, I’m not saying that the election was stolen. Those were, uh, quotes from Donald Trump. The election was not stolen. He’s a moron. Let’s dissect it. It’s that last statement, right? Actually, I guess second to last, cuz his last statement was the election was rigged and stolen. No one, I was just doing my job as president and seeking fairness in the truth. I was just doing my job. Okay. So, so we’re going with the old Nuremberg defense.

Aren’t we, I was just following orders here, but no, listen, the reason that line is important and the reason he included it is because should he be indicted, right? Should he stand before a jury? The only possible defense he could have according to legal experts is to successfully have his legal team argue that he was just fulfilling his job as president to make sure everything was on the level. You know, we don’t want any discrepancies. We wanna make sure this was all legit. I’m doing my job. I’m doing my due diligence by ordering all these things to happen.”

It was clear long before the 2020 election, that they were pulling this stunt…

They were making the claim of a “stolen election”, well before the election even took place…They were aggressively planting this idea into the public consciousness…and targeting the gullable…and the assholes who don’t care it’s a blatant lie, but just want to seize control of the country, forcing the masses into compliance at gunpoint.

It’s always been crystal clear what they were doing…They planned on riling up the aggressive, violent religious fringe, and having them overrun the entire political system…and everybody else, who is not them.

Nothing…absolutely nothing, about the actual election process unfolding before our eyes, indicated that Donald Trump was being cheated against in any way.

It was entirely predictable, to any honest person with common sense, that Trump had a very high likelihood of losing the 2020 election.

And yet…way, way out, long before the election…Trump was already claiming the election had been stolen…

…I think he [and his clan] knew…he was very likely to lose…and they were just trying to alter the inevitable.

Of course…Trump would have never vacated the office “won in a stolen election”, had he somehow managed to win a second term…

…That would have been a curious speech, walking back the whole “stolen election” narrative.

They lied…They were lying all along.


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