Trump Viciously Attacks Mitch McConnell As ‘Disloyal Sleaze Bag’ After Latest Hearing…

Date: July 28, 2022

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“Donald Trump was furious that video in the latest January 6th Committee hearing showed Mitch McConnell saying that they weren’t going to stop the Electoral Vote certification, and he lashed out at the Senate minority leader on Truth Social. Trump called McConnell a “disloyal sleaze bag,” a statement that has more meaning than most people realize. Farron Cousins explains what’s happening.


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Donald Trump lashed out on Thursday, late evening slash early Friday morning at Senate minority leader, Mitch McConnell for being a as Trump put it disloyal sleaze bag. So what’s Mitch McConnell’s latest crime in the eyes of Donald Trump. Well, on Thursday evening, during the, uh, prime time televised hearing of the January 6th committee, they showed a clip, right? Mitch McConnell talking with then defense secretary, uh, Chris Miller saying, quote, uh, we’re not going to let these people keep us from finishing our business. So we need you to get the building cleared. Give us the, okay. So we can go back in session and finish up the people’s business as soon as possible. That’s it? Right. Kind of harmless stuff like, Hey, we’re not gonna let these people interrupt us, get ’em outta here so we can get back to business. I mean, that’s, that’s not a partisan statement that that’s not even an attack on Donald Trump, but for some reason it absolutely just Donald Trump off beyond belief.

So Trump gets on truth, social, and he says, this is this the same Mitch McConnell who was losing big in Kentucky and came to the white house to beg me for an endorsement and help without me. He would’ve lost in a landslide, a disloyal sleeze bag. Okay. Okay. All right. Lots, lots of lies in that, you know, just few sentences there, Mitch McConnell was not in fact losing, like, what the hell are you talking about? Mitch McConnell? As much as I hate to admit, it was never in danger of losing his seat in that last election. Like it was his, he wasn’t gonna lose to a mega primary challenger. He won by double digits. Even with the Democrat spinning against him. Donald Trump endorsement would not have helped or hindered Mitch McConnell. He is safe. Like if anybody in this country is in a safe place, it’s Mitch McConnell.

He didn’t need you Trump. So you’re lying your off. If you think you saved his campaign, I hate Mitch McConnell, but he was never in danger. Secondly, disloyal, disloyal that one word right there tells you everything you need to know about what Donald Trump is feeling right now. And it’s very telling. And of course, very terrifying. What that phrase means is that Mitch McConnell is supposed to show loyalty to Donald Trump, not to the constitution, not to his position of power, not to the job at hand at the time, which of course was certifying the electoral college results. He shouldn’t have been loyal to any of that. Donald Trump is, is implying here. He should have only been loyal to Donald Trump. So what I’m taking away from it, you know, this is my interpretation of Donald Trump’s statement here, cuz I think that

Disloyal term that he used there is a big one. I, I, I think it again kind of exposes Donald Trump’s, uh, entire motive here. The fact that Mitch McConnell wanted to get back to work certifying the election goes against what Donald Trump was trying to do, which of course was get those election results overturned. So he is mad that Mitch McConnell was loyal to the constitution, loyal to the rule of law for once and not to Donald Trump. And that’s the Cardinal sin of the Republican party, right? We have seen other Republicans who have been good little Republicans passing Republican legislation, doing horrible things to everyone imaginable, but going against Donald Trump. And what’s happened to those people. Well this week, rusty Bowers, good little faithful Republican from Arizona speaker of their state house was censured by his own party for going in front of the January 6th committee and saying there was no voter fraud in our state. The only bad thing a Republican can do these days is to not be 100% loyal and on board with the messaging of Donald Trump. If you do that, you are now labeled disloyal, not just by Donald Trump will be the entire Republican party. This is what they have become. It’s disgusting. It’s terrifying. And I don’t know that there’s any way going back for this party, they have made their choice of who they want to be. And it’s nothing that anyone in this country should be proud of.”

Pretty sure Mitch has always been a Disloyal Sleaze Bag…towards the people he supposedly represents…and towards the nations majority [working class/poor]…

It’s telling that Trump only thinks it matters, when Mitch isn’t serving his agendas.

Where is the outrage over what Mitch has done to the people?


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