Vince McMahon NDAs Being Leaked…

Date: July 28, 2022

01) LINK

The Vince McMahon Scandal – Secret Affairs, Hush Money, Stepping Down as WWE CEO:

More on the Vince McMahon $12 million hush money payments: Wrestling Observer Radio:

“Dave and Garrett discuss the new Wall Street Journal report detailing other NDAs Vince McMahon agreed to that total up to $12 million. [July 8, 2022]”

I haven’t really watched the product they put out for a couple of decades…I know Vince still owns a controlling share of the company…So, I don’t see how they’ll be able to completely eject him…

…But it would be nice if they actually got back to a diverse style of presentation…90’s Raw would be nice to see again.

What they produce these days, is mundane, over produced, lame garbage…and it all feels the same.

It’s high time for the McMahon’s to go…Maybe the company can emerge as something better, once they are out of the way.

Nothing about this scandal is shocking…To bad for Vince, that this is how he is going out…He’s so old, he probably wont be able to rehabilitate his own image.


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