Visibly Defeated MyPillow CEO Looks Like He Doesn’t Buy His Own Lies Anymore…

Date: July 29, 2022

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“An exasperated Mike Lindell, CEO of MyPillow, announced last week that he had allegedly just received a whole new batch of information from Mesa County that apparently shows something, although he wasn’t clear on what that “something” is. But this video he put out was different, and he appeared as if even HE doesn’t buy his own election lies anymore. Farron Cousins explains what’s happening.


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So last week, MyPillow CEO, Mike Lindell released another video where he swore up and down that, oh my goodness gracious. There is new evidence out there. There’s new information from Mesa county. Oh my goodness. Except there was something a little off about the video. Now I noticed in Lindell’s behavior in this video, he wasn’t his usual self. So before I get into my analysis of how he was behaving in the video, take a look at it. Here is of course Mike Lindell, swearing that there’s totally some new evidence that is definitely gonna change everything about something. So here he is.

I got news this morning that there was a very big, big, big, big everybody pieces of evidence, cyber evidence from the 2020 election that we didn’t even know before that. Now we have it’s it’s I I’m just like so excited, validated, validated, uh, multiple sources. And we also found from another source, a completely different cyber guy. Um, he found, uh, more evidence from the, the, um, Mesa, um, data, which we have right up here in Frank speech. So all you horrible journalists out there that are watching tonight, uh, you might wanna take a look there and, uh, look at what I’m talking about and, uh, get your cyber guys ready. There’s more to come. And, uh, and it’s very readable and understandable. And

When we there’s cyber evidence, folks of what we don’t know, because you know, he never, never gives us the details, but he’s, he’s super excited about it. Just super excited. I’m just, I’m, I’m so excited. This is happening for Mesa county and there’s a little drama in Mesa county right now. I get through in a moment. But what I really want to talk about other than the fact, of course, the Mike ele is lying through his teeth is the fact that I think Mike ele at this point understands he’s lying through his teeth. And in that video, even he seemed bored by his own lies. Like he’s not even buying it anymore. He was not his usual like, oh man,

We got all this crazy stuff here and it’s gonna

Be the big. He was just like, yeah. I mean, we got some Mesa county, so I’m excited. Woo. Yeah. It’s Mesa county and

I’ll see all

Later. I mean, you, you, you allegedly have stuff that’s gonna like overturn the election. You can’t even get more animated than that. We’ve seen you more animated than that. Like where where’s your enthusiasm buddy? Or are you just getting tired of peddling this lie? Like, honestly, that was my big conclusion from that I, we know he is lying about all this stuff. Like he’s a hundred percent not telling the truth that there’s new saber evidence. He’s just bored. Like he’s been playing this character right for a year and a half and he’s tired of it. He wants to move on to bigger and better things. He wants to move on to other things. He knows this is a dead end for him eventually. And he’s gonna have to come clean. I mean, we passed that point, you know, a year ago, at least. But he is, you know, looking at the riding on the wall and he understands he can’t ride this gravy train forever.

He knows what it’s done to his reputation. He knows what it’s done to his, uh, finances. He sees what’s on the horizon legally with his future. And I think he’s just getting bored of it. Now, of course, that video was released last Wednesday. And then on Saturday. So two days ago he puts out another video again, very low energy to borrow a phrase from Donald Trump where he is like, oh, we gotta judge in Arizona. That’s agreed to June 21st, July 21st. They’re gonna, they’re gonna hear a thing. And Carrie lake is gonna, is bringing this lawsuit. And the judge has said, he’ll listen to it. It it’s a big, nothing burger. All a judge has said is, okay, you filed a lawsuit. Uh, you do have a, you know, prominent politician in Arizona, uh, backing it. We’ll listen to it. We’ll hear your evidence, you know, as to whether or not we’re gonna actually do anything about it.

So that’s, what’s gonna happen on, uh, uh, 21st, which is Thursday. And it’ll be a big nothing. The judge will most likely look at it and say, okay, yeah, you got nothing. Get, get on outta her”


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