Andrew Yang Launches Third Party For Billionaires…

Date: July 30, 2022

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“After losing the Democratic presidential primary in 2020 and the race for New York mayor in 2021, Andrew Yang might have been expected to give up on his dreams of being a political mover and shaker. Instead, Yang has opted to join with other “centrists” like former New Jersey governor Christine Todd Whitman and former Republican congressman David Jolly to launch a third party – specifically the Forward Party. Despite claiming to be an antidote to the extremism and partisanship of the Republicans and Democrats, the Forward Party has yet to take a single stance on any political issue.

Jimmy and The People’s Party’s Nick Brana discuss just what voting demographic is supposed to be interested in a new party that takes plenty of money from the wealthy but no policy positions.”

So, it’s all just “disingenuous attacks” to you Jimmy?…That’s how you rebuff the serious accusations, against someone who now has a history of these allegations?

…That’s how you dismiss the highly questionable behavior, amidst an inner party investigation?

Why do you continue having this person on your show?…You don’t realize it destroys your integrity?

…Oh yeah…he stroked your ego, and made you think you can credibly run for U.S. president…

…Be prepared to become Bernie 2.0…and get accused of running a campaign that allows sexual harassment…possibly sexual assault.

Be prepared to go down in flames.

Please pull your head out of your ass, Jimmy.

A lot of people love your takes on most things…but you are not any moral standard barer…You’re not above being a shit head…And you are not political material.

You’d be every bit as much of a disaster, as most of the shit heads who have aspired to be U.S. president…Hell, just like Trump, you’d probably prove to be one of the more extreme national mistakes.

If Andrew Yang wants to start a third party, so be it…Exploring options that get businesses, corporations and the wealthy on board with UBI, is a good thing.


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