EXPOSED: Holistic medicine scammers caught red-handed…

Date: July 31, 2022

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“Here’s something to think about, Australians waste two billion dollars every year on often useless and sometimes fraudulent health care. Not you? Well how long since you visited a ‘traditional’ therapist, a naturopath for example, had them do tests on you, or sold you a vitamin formula? More and more Australians are going for alternative treatments, with women outnumbering men three to one. On Sunday night, we’ll bring you face to face with two of the top crooks taking people’s money in the name of natural medicine – one of them even had a patient die under his care. What’s truly disgusting is that these ‘low-lives’ keep getting away with it and, disgracefully, health funds even pay rebates on their services.”

I’m not especially negative on natural remedies and healthy living…In fact, I’m rather sympathetic to the concepts…

…In addition…normal, modern medical procedures are often quite extreme and barbaric in their own right…It’s completely understandable, why people don’t want to endure the current medical system…its surgeries and its drugs.

That being said…there’s a lot of people out there, who don’t know what they’re doing…yet they pass themselves off as “experts” of some kind…and they exploit money out of desperate people who don’t want to die…

…And following their fees, advice and oversight [sometimes dissuading pursuit of other options]…their “patients” still die.

I think they are criminally responsible…even if it is the patients right, to seek and choose their own path in confronting their illness.

I’m just unsure what, exactly, is the proper response to this issue.


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