Pro-Trump Influencer Panics After Its Revealed He Ratted On His Fellow Capitol Rioters…

Date: July 31, 2022

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“A pro-Trump social media influence named Brandon Straka is not happy that media outlets were able to get court records unsealed recently that show how Straka cooperated with investigators looking into the Capitol Riots. Straka received a reduced sentence earlier this year for the role he played in the riot, but his sentence was lightened because of how much information he gave about his friends. In other words, he ratted them out, and now he’s scared because that information is public. Farron Cousins explains what’s happening.


*This transcript was auto-generated. Please excuse any typos.

Towards the end of this past week, a pro Trump social media influencer, actually the guy that, uh, kind of founded the walk away movement, he’s a former liberal encourages other liberals go join the Republican party, man, by the name of Brandon strata, Mr. STR got angry because media outlets successfully filed motions with the court to unsealed documents related to his cooperation with federal investigators in connection to the capital riot. You see Mr. Strauka was at the Capitol during the riot. He’s been caught on video and he of course, was sentenced earlier this year to, uh, two months house arrest, three years probation, a relatively light sentence. And as we learned at the time of his sentencing, that was because Mr. Strata was cooperating so very well with federal investigators, given him names, identifying people that were there, basically, as some people would describe it, he became a rat trying to save himself and, uh, through a lot of other people under the bus, but those records were sealed.

So we didn’t know exactly what he said, who he was talking about because it was sealed. But like I said, the media outlets were able to get their hands on some of that information this week. And once they did, Mr. Strauka was noticeably upset. So he got on a, a getter and he posted this message. Uh, it was a lengthy message. This is just an excerpt. There is nothing wrong with talking to the DOJ and telling them your friends are innocent. I hope at some point people pull their heads and and be pull their heads out and begin focusing on the actual horror here that sealed court documents were leaked from within the DOJ to the liberal media, they weren’t leaked. They, they were released because the lawyers for the media outlets were apparently better than the lawyers you hired. So if you wanna be mad at somebody, you need to be mad at your own legal team for not being able to efficiently refute the request from these media outlets to the court, right?

That’s where your anger should be. These documents were not leaked at all. They were given to them. They were unsealed. Some of them, not all of them, but some of them. So his statement right here contains a massive factual error that of course paints the media outlets and the DOJ in a negative light, but it also contains another factual error. He says, as I mentioned, and I was just telling him my friends are innocent. Yeah. The documents tell a different story though, bud. So let me read this. This of course is from NBC news. according to prosecutor Strauka is really underselling the assistance he provided in their prosecution of the woman. He now calls a friend DOJ wrote in their own memo that Strauka gave federal investigate investigators,

Critical information in the case because he provided the government with voicemail messages that he received from, uh, Simone gold that were valuable in the government’s prosecution. Gold was sentenced to two months in prison in June. Strauka according to the government also provided quote beneficial information about a man who like him was also present outside the capital and was not previously identified by the FBI prior to Stocker’s identification. Strach provided the information on the man. He also, according to the documents, um, was, uh, uh, he named individuals. It doesn’t necessarily say what he told them, but the stop, the steel organizers, Ali Alexander, Amy Kremer, Kylie Kremer, and Cindy sheen. Those were also people that he talked about to the federal investigators. We may not know exactly what he told them about him, uh, them, excuse me, but, uh, Simone gold. Yeah. She’s she’s off to jail.

And according to the documents, it’s because of what you told them. And over here it says some of the information that Strauka provided to the FBI was derogatory in nature and could support criminal charges. So you’re telling all your little fans that, Hey, I was just telling ’em all my friends are innocent. And then the documents say, oh no, because of the information you gave us, people are going to jail. And you know what?”


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