Trump Comes Up With Solution For Homelessness…

Date: July 31, 2022

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“Donald Trump believes he has the solution to homelessness, and it involves constructing massive tent camps on the outskirts of cities, then bringing in doctors, psychologists and other professionals to help the recently relocated unhoused individuals adapt to their new circumstances. The tents could all be constructed in a single day, Trump enthused. Yes, it’s a terrible idea on a number of levels, but at the very least Trump is talking about the homelessness problem – something Joe Biden and most Democrats are NOT doing.

Jimmy discusses the ways various communities, from Houston to Mississippi to the nation of Finland, have dealt successfully with this problem with a program called “Housing First.”

Just goes to show how fucked up the USA is…

…Gee…maybe they can find a whole bunch of Harry Potter tents for the homeless…

…”Magic can make life in a tent luxurious!”…Yeah…Sure…

Politicians refuse to do what needs to be done.

It’s insane that the silence of most politicians, is making the words of Trump seem progressive in comparison…They’re just gifting him this free and easy ride.

Despite everything going on right now…those assholes just might find a way to toss victory out of their own pocket, and hand a re-election to Trump.

Never underestimate the corrupt apathy and incompetence of the democrats.


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