Biden DOJ Considers CHARGING Trump For Jan 6…

Date: August 01, 2022

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“Krystal and Saagar discuss the DOJ’s January 6th probe potentially leading to an indictment of Trump and what that would mean for the country”

Here we get into probably the single most disgusting, infuriating thing about the U.S. “justice” system.

If you are powerful and have the means to defend yourself, they bend over backwards to cook up some story as to “why you didn’t actually do what you were accused of”…because a fine toothed combing of the law can produce all sorts of absurd excuses, to divert ones attention…

…While in gross contrast…If your some nobody, who the population does not care about [or hates]…they’ll bend over backwards [or bend you over forwards], and prosecute you based brazenly on perceived “intent”…even in cases where they know beyond any doubt, that there was never any possibility of a crime taking place.

…Some people are suggesting, even after everything…that “intent” does not matter in a major case like this, with monumental consequence?!

This is why “the justice system” is so fucked up…There are powerful criminals running around all over the place…some of them are running the country…They will never face any substantive consequences for their actions…

…Everybody else?…They make up laws to hinder, haunt and torment you, til the day you die…and dare you stand up to [let alone violate] any of them, those evil filth will make you sorely pay for it…They might even devastate you, in ways you can never fully recover from…

…There will be no true justice for everybody else, regardless of what the system decides to do to them.

The unspoken secret about the “U.S. Justice System”…is that We Have No Justice System in the U.S.

What we have is a system which threatens, abuses and exploits the regular population, while letting the powerful “in people” do as they please.

This system functions more like the mob…If you’re someone they like, the worst they will do is go lite on you…If they don’t like you, gwad help you…because they’re going to go extra super duper malicious on your ass…You’ll never be able to just walk away, from what they’re going to do to you…regardless of how manifestly unjust it is.


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