Vanilla Ice Goes After Republican Candidate For Claiming He Supports Him…

Date: August 02, 2022

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“Mark McCloskey, a Republican senate candidate in Missouri and the man who, with his wife, became infamous for pointing guns at protesters on his street, has made a new enemy: 90’s rapper Vanilla Ice. In a Twitter post this past week, McCloskey posted an image that appeared to show that Ice would be appearing at an event in support of the candidate, forcing Vanilla Ice to hit back and say that he isn’t appearing with him and doesn’t support him. Farron Cousins unpacks all the drama surrounding this campaign.


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Mark McCloskey won half of the infamous St. Louis gun couple, you know, the ones who were famously shown in those photographs, pointing their guns at protestors who were simply walking by their house. McCloskey of course became a Republican hero. After that spoke at the RNC convention in 2020. And now of course he thinks he can ride that infamy into a Senate seat in the state of Missouri. Unfortunately from McCloskey, his, uh, campaign keeps making a lot of, well, how can we say egregious errors? And this past week is no exception. His campaign sent out a tweet with a graphic that said team McCloskey, green county, July 31st, featuring vanilla ice and ying yang twins. Join team McCloskey at the Ozark empire far on July 31st. And it has McCloskey for Senate at the bottom there. Um, so you see this and what’s your initial reaction? Oh, wow. He’s being endorsed by, by vanilla ice. How, how kind of pathetic, but it turns out it’s even more pathetic than that because he is not being endorsed by by vanilla ice vanilla ice is not team McCloskey. As McCloskey clearly claimed in this image MCL, uh, uh, what happened is that vanilla ice was just going to be performing at that at that fair, like on a different day, not even at the same time as McCloskey, he wasn’t doing an event with him. They were just both gonna be at the same fair on different days.

So vanilla ICE’s people. Rob van Winkle, um, is his real name. They had to release a statement here. It is. According to the Kansas city star, it says vanilla ice wants his fans to know that he is not affiliated with long shot Republican us Senate candidate, mark McCloskey, after a political ad, featuring the artist’s name and photograph was promoted by the campaign on Thursday in a statement Thursday evening, managers for vanilla ice said the rapper did not give approval for his show to be coupled with the political ad McCloskey. And his attorney, according to raw story said, his campaign was quote, merely saying that we’re going to be there at a time when they’re going to be there, even though they were not there at the same time. So that ad again, love lovely little ad here says no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no McCloskey. And his attorney is like, no, no, no, no. We, we just clearly obviously saying that we’re gonna be there at the same time. Even though we know we’re not even gonna be there at the same time. So, you know, we’re not, uh, not trying to do anything, uh, illegal here and claim that we’re getting his endorsement in any way, which I don’t know if it’s illegal or not, but that is exactly what you did, right?

This was, was a gross misrepresentation. Mark McCloskey is a lawyer. He is a lawyer. He’s been a very successful lawyer by the way, his wife, I also believe is a lawyer. So they know, they know you cannot do stuff like this. They knew exactly what they were doing, but the language that they used, I’ll give them this, in that political ad. It doesn’t say that vanilla ice is team McCloskey. It just says team McCloskey, featuring vanilla ice and ying yang twins. So there is a bit of a gray area to where I don’t think if vanilla ice wanted to Sue them for this. I do not think he could be successful, but this is about as deceptive as it comes, but also no, no offense to, uh, Mr. Vanilla ice here also kind of pathetic I’m sorry, but it is like, okay, all right. What do we wanna do to get people to think we’re hip and cool. Hey, how about vanilla ice? Right? Who doesn’t love ice, ice baby. A ninja wrap from the second ninja turtles movie. Right? Did you really think this was gonna get you folks? that’s what’s so funny to me it’s like, oh yeah. We’re to we’re totally gonna get people because we got, we got vanilla, right? I mean, we’re in and even vanilla ice was like, dude, get the hell away. I want nothing to do with this. So there it is. That’s the kind of MC uh, of campaign that McCloskey is running. And, uh, hopefully it’s just as humiliating as this particular instance also was for the McCloskey team.”

What it must be like, to be dissed by Vanilla Ice…


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