“F-ing Idiot” MAGA Rioter Slapped With Longest Sentence Yet…

Date: August 03, 2022

01) LINK

“At least he admits it.”

Wow…seven years…

It should be noted…one year old children are not religious…Preschool children are not honestly religious…Indoctrinated?…Yes…but the extremely young don’t even comprehend religion.

I think people have a lot of gall, to wag their finger at others, claiming “whatever” psychologically injures children…at the same time, imposing religion on children…and not giving a damn, at the life long struggles and psychological damage that has been known to cause.

Speaking as someone who has walked that journey, I can tell you…It’s fucking bullshit…It is psychologically damaging and injurious…It’s life stunting…It’s sabotage of a human beings life…

So few people talk about, or take serious, this type of abuse…

…”Everyone” is obsessed over the strict sexual chastity of a child, and threatening the lives of those uninterested in enforcing it…yet nobody cares about these myriad of ways, children routinely get fucked over and damaged by society.


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