1 thought on “Kim Iversen: Pelosi Arrives In Taiwan Recklessly Risking WAR For Big Money Interests And Investments…

  1. feinmann

    “… unlike Russia and Ukraine. Yes, Ukraine was part of the USSR, but Russia knows it is a separate country. China on the other hand does not …”

    In the case of Russia, ethnicity rather than country borders determine presidential decisions to take military action. Brutalising ethnic Russians minorities in Ukraine ever since the Maidan revolution in 2014, plus aggressive NATO expansionism, precipitated the current Russian offensive. Historic cultural ties between Russia and Serbia plus the birth of Kosovo in 2008 from NATO expansionism, create similar dynamics to that in the Dombass region of Ukraine and of course Crimea.

    The US knows it has lost on every conceivable level to Russia over Ukraine. The US knows it has demonstrated the ineffectiveness of NATO when it comes to military might. The US knows it has strengthened ties between Russia and China by repeatedly demonstrating it cannot be trusted in diplomacy, negotiation and trade. The US House speaker visit has only strengthened those ties further. Soft power is all the US has left, such as sending an incoherent geriatric dressed in pink to Taiwan for a photo shoot.

    China would be best advised to ridicule the visit to Taiwan rather than rise to the bait. No doubt Russia and China will continue to develop strategies that will ultimately displace the US hegemony, and this should be done intelligently via economic sanctions, not militarily.


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