Pastor Warns His Congregation That Marjorie Taylor Greene ‘Dances With The Devil’…

Date: August 03, 2022

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“A pastor in Oregon has warned his flock to be wary of people like Marjorie Taylor Greene because, as the pastor put it, she “dances with the devil.” This comment was in response to Greene’s repeated calls for people to embrace “Christian nationalism,” which is an ideology pushed by some of the most brutal leaders in world history. Greene believes there’s nothing wrong with this, but people who actually understand scripture are saying otherwise. Farron Cousins explains what’s happening.


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For the past week, starting of course, this past or, or last weekend, excuse me. At the, uh, turning point action conference in Tampa, Marjorie Taylor green insisted that being a Christian nationalist is a good thing and that’s what she wants to be. And that’s what I think she claims she is. And then for the following week, she went on and on about being a Christian nationalist and how it’s a good thing. We shouldn’t be afraid of it. Even as everybody was pointing out, that’s basically a Nazi ideology. It’s the ideology of white supremacists. It’s the ideology of basically every horrible person for the last like hundred years or so. So, you know, probably not the kind of thing you wanna be out there touting. And that’s not just me saying that that’s actually what religious leaders here in the United States are saying. One pastor in particular from Oregon, uh, pastor by the name of Reverend, uh, uh, Chuck Curry sent out a tweet to his followers this past Monday, where he said this, unlike Marjorie Taylor green, I’ve studied the scriptures and devoted myself to serving the church. Christian nationalism is a racist ideology. Incompatible with Christianity. Jesus was for all the world, not one nation beware false teachers like green. She dances with the devil Christian nationalism. Isn’t just a threat to democracy. It is also a threat to an understanding of Christianity that places Jesus and is teachings. First Christian nationalism is a virus. Jesus is the vaccine.

Um, very true words, obviously for anybody with any kind of religious experience, any kind of religious studies, you understand that all of these so-called evangelical Republican Christians in office. They know nothing about the Bible. Oh sure. Every now and then they can pull a nice little quote outta scripture. I’m sure they Google it first. They couldn’t recite it off the top of their heads. If their life depended on it, they know the popular ones, but really the teachings of Jesus. Um, they have no idea because if they did and they wanted to follow what the scripture says, we would have universal healthcare in here in the United States, we would be taking care of the least of among us. We would be housing, the homeless, feeding the hungry. We would be protecting the environment, cuz yes, there are even Bible passages about protecting the earth itself. As God’s creation, God’s gift to man and we’re treating it like a giant dumpster. Republicans don’t want to do any of those things. And yet every time things get a little tough for them, they wrap themselves up in that Bible as their own little snugly so that they can convince their followers that, Hey, I’m just

Doing God’s work here. Even worse than what Marjorie Taylor green has said, obviously, you know, with her whole oh Christian nationalism. Yeah, we get it. We understand what your ideology is here, woman, but it’s Lauren Bobert cuz Lauren Bobert who clearly obviously likes to talk big game about the Bible. Doesn’t understand the Bible as she has repeatedly made the claims that Jesus was canceled. That’s, that’s why they hung him up on that cross cuz he was canceled. And of course Bobert even more so than Marjorie Taylor greed has been a B a big pusher of guns, which I’m sure Jesus would have at least something to say about that. If he were to come back today, you know, that kind of goes against his teachings of peace and acceptance and love. But these Republicans love to claim that they somehow are the gatekeepers of Christianity, of the Bible of religion, of Jesus, himself. And as pastor Chuck Curry is pointing out here. They could not be more wrong. They could not be further from the truth. And they do dance with the devil. The Bible clearly tells us beware of these false prophets. And unfortunately far too many people on the right have fallen hook, line and sinker for everything. These false profits like Marjorie Taylor green have thrown at them.”


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