Giuliani’s Ex Wife Wants Him Jailed As His Alimony Checks Bounce…

Date: August 04, 2022

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“Judy Giuliani, the ex-wife of Rudy Giuliani, is calling for Rudy to either be forced to pay several hundred thousand dollars that he owes her or be arrested. Giuliani is legally required to provide all sorts of payments to his ex, but according to her complaints, he has only sent her one $10,000 check that actually bounced due to insufficient funds in his account. Farron Cousins explains what’s happening.


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Rudy Giuliani, just for some reason, can’t seem to stay out of trouble. Right? We all know he’s currently under investigation for possibly acting as an unregistered for an agent he’s embroiled in all of the, uh, you know, fake elector scheme, the January 6th stuff, all of those scandals that could result in, you know, investigations, possibly criminal charges against him. And now this week we learned something else that Rudy Giuliani is apparently in trouble for. And that is not paying his ex-wife the alimony and arrears that he owes her. According to Judy Giuliani this week, Judy, uh, Judy Giuliani and her legal team, uh, filed a motion in court. They’re basically asking a judge to hold Rudy Giuliani in contempt because according to Judy and her legal team, he owes her $262,000. And Judy had this to say, she wants the money immediately. And with interest warning, quote, your failure to appear in court may result in immediate arrest or imprisonment for contempt of court.

Now, of course they can’t, you know, file contempt charges against him that has to come from the judge. But, uh, basically Rudy Giuliani’s ex-wife Judy is sitting there saying, dude, pay up or go to jail. And honestly, it doesn’t seem like she even cares which one it is. She just wants something in return for what she is apparently owed. Because here, according to the sworn affidavit that they filed in court this week is what Juliani owes her. He owes her money for the Palm beach condo. Judith says, uh, Judith says Giuliani owes 140,000 for their luxury condo, which she is trying to sell. According to court documents. Judith says that Giuliani is quote required to pay me $200,000, regardless of whether or not the property has been sold so far, he’s only kicked in 60 grand. The country club dues, Judith says Giuliani, hasn’t paid his share of the annual membership dues, leaving her to pay his half.

In the meantime, the help Judith has owed $5,000 per month for help under the terms of the divorce, like an assistant or a housekeeper. Now says that since last summer, and this is where things get a little funny. Since last summer, he did send her a check for $10,000. So, you know, that’s two months worth of help. 5,000 just seems like a lot, but either way, he sends her $10,000. She takes to the check to the bank and says, okay, well here’s two months of it. The check bounces because Rudy Giuliani had insufficient funds in his bank account. So, you know, that’s a problem. And, and in fact, many times, you know, passing a bad check could, could land you charges against you, but GII of course didn’t get

Charged for trying to pass a bad check, but still, still something that’s gonna come back to haunt him here. But I just love the fact that Giuliani can’t keep his life in order, no matter what it is, right? His professional life, his political life, his personal life, all of it is just an absolute, uh, dumpster fire, dumpster fire on top of a train wreck and honest to God, this man is such a horrible human being that he deserves every second of it, in my opinion, I’m sorry, but he does just an absolute vile piece of crap and everything that he has built in his life is coming crashing down around him because he decided to throw his lot in with Donald Trump. That’s it that’s 100% of the reason why, I mean, he’s running outta money, obviously because he has to pay all these massive legal bills and all of those legal bills, all of them are because he got in bed with Donald Trump figuratively, of course, but because he cited with Trump because he went that route because he wanted to make that man happy.

He’s lost so much money that apparently according to the filings, he can’t even pay his ex-wife the alimony in arrears that he owes her. So Giuliani, you better find a way to come up with that money. Maybe it’s time to call Trump one more time. Try again, to pay those legal fees for you because, uh, if you can’t do it well, they’re trying to put you in jail. So make your choice either somehow come up with the $262,000 or go ahead and get fitted for one of those orange jumpsuits. I personally don’t care either way and it doesn’t seem like your ex-wife does either.”

Pay Up, Pooty!


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