Republicans Fume As Dr Oz Keeps Tanking With His Pathetic Campaign…

Date: August 04, 2022

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“Republican lawmakers, operatives, and strategists are growing angrier by the day as Republican senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz continues to tank in the polls against Democratic rival John Fetterman. They are also not happy that Trump has endorsed Oz, which is what propelled him to the nomination. This is a monster of their own creation, and now they are upset because the monster could cost them the Senate. Farron Cousins explains what’s happening.


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Folks, if you’ve been following the, uh, Pennsylvania Senate race between John Federman and Dr. Oz, it is an absolute blood bath right now with John Federman, just decimating Dr. Me Oz, the latest polls that came out on Tuesday show Federman now has a 14 point lead up from an 11 point lead just a couple days ago, and that is freaking Republicans out after all, this is the race to, uh, replace the retiring Republican Senator pat toy. So it’s a Republican controlled seat that they wanna keep in Republican hands. But according to Republican strategists, the people in the state Dr. Oz’s campaign is so pathetically weak that this is now a seat that Republicans are likely going to lose here is what one Republican strategist by the name of Keith Naughton had to say, if Oz wasn’t mentally and physically on vacation, it might be an even fight.

And after Naughton made that comment, you had Brittany Yannick, who’s an Oz campaign spokesperson. She came out and fired back. And she said, since winning the primary, Dr. Oz has made over 120 campaign stops. He’s logged 2,500 miles while crisscrossing the state to speak with voters in all four corners of the Commonwealth. He also went to Europe for a couple weeks. He’s also been down here in Florida, like literally not campaigning, just hanging out on vacation as, as Notten again, a Republican strategist pointed out the dude’s mentally on vacation. He’s physically on vacation. He’s not putting any real effort into this campaign. And every time he tries to do a gotcha of John Federman on Twitter, Federman is just able to absolutely destroy him. John Federman, of course, has been getting New Jersey icons to come out and talk about what a great man from New Jersey Dr.

Oz is because Dr. Oz is from New Jersey. Dr. Oz only recently started living in Pennsylvania. And by the way, recently at a campaign stop, he actually got the name of the city he claims to live in, in Pennsylvania. Wrong. See, that’s never good, you know, being a transplant from another place, moving to that particular state, just to run for office and then flubbing the name of the town that you, uh, claim to live in. Not exactly off to a great start, but again, the trolling from Federman online has just been remarkable. None of Dr. Oz’s attacks against Federman have worked, and let’s not forget the big one. Donald Trump himself is the reason Dr. Oz even won that Republican primary and Donald Trump only endorsed Oz

Because according to reports, Sean Hannity wanted him to. So you’ve got Republican strategists in Pennsylvania, freaking out because Oz is so hilariously bad at running for office. You’ve got people like Mitch McConnell that have been outspoken about being off about, you know, Donald Trump saddling them with candidates who have no chance of winning. And that’s exactly what Oz is. So they went Republicans from having a very safe seat in the state of Pennsylvania. One that had been controlled by a Republican. They thought for sure it was gonna get passed onto another Republican who could serve for a couple of terms. And instead they’re likely to lose it. They’re losing right now by 14 points, but they’re likely to lose it all because Donald Trump stuck his big, stupid nose where it didn’t belong. And I gotta tell you, Republicans deserve every second of the humiliation that Dr. Oz is bringing to both his campaign and to their party.”


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