Lauren Boebert Thinks Not Having Guns Will Make People Eat Dogs…

Date: August 05, 2022

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“During a recent interview on Newsmax, Lauren Boebert tried to outdo even her most bizarre statements of the past by claiming that people in Venezuela are forced to eat dogs because they don’t have firearms to protect themselves from the government. This statement was a weak attempt to try to argue against gun control in the United States, but it was too extreme and stupid to even do that. Farron Cousins explains what happened.


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You know, one of the interesting things about people like Lauren Bobert is that you always kind of have to outdo yourself, right? She made a name for herself by going out there saying some of the most bizarre and just flat out, not so things you could imagine. So in order for her to keep the spotlight on her and not let it go to say a Marjorie Taylor green, or a Matt gates or somebody like that, you have to keep one up in yourself. And that’s always been the problem by the way that the Republicans have had. That’s why you’re, you’re fly by nighters, your Ann cos your to LNS your Candace Owens. That’s why those people always kind of seem to come and go from the party with relative quickness, because it’s very difficult to always outdo yourself by saying something even crazier than what you had said last time that got you in the headlines.

But Lauren Bobert, she’s still got some juice in the machine, right? So she does an interview with Newsmax recently where she claims that because Venezuela has gun control, people have started eating dogs. Now let me read her statement. Her statement of course, was in response. She’s doing a news max segment with the a sub Gorka. She’s talking about bet O O’Rourke wanting an assault weapons ban. And so Lauren Bobert says this. I was compelled to go to him because I saw that a disarmed populace. If, if the citizenry in America is disarmed, then we are no longer citizens. We’re subjects. You know, here in America, we have gourmet treats for puppies. We have these amazing groomers for dogs. Uhoh groomers and Venezuela. They eat the dogs and it started because they do not have firearms to protect themselves, to defend themselves against a tyrannical government.

So I guess in Lauren Bower’s mind, this is what happened, right? Let’s let’s say I’m a, I’m a citizen of Venezuela and okay, here I am. I’m in Venezuela. Oh no. My gun is gone. Guess I’m gonna eat the dog now. I don’t know how you get from, oh, I don’t have a gun to let’s go barbecue Fido. But in Lauren Bogart’s brain, that’s what happened. Like no gun gotta eat the dog. honest to God. I just, I would love, I would love for medical professionals to do a cat scan on Lauren. Bobert, you know, ask her some questions while it’s happening. Let’s see what lobes are lighten up. Which ones are staying dark because I sincerely believe that there is a lot of scientific information that can be gleaned, uh, just from examining what is going on in her brain. But I would also love to know how not having a gun makes you eat puppies. Um, cuz here I’m gonna divulge a little bit about

Myself. Uh, I do not currently own any firearms. I have three dogs. I have never once looked at my dogs and thought, well, I don’t have a gun. So I sure would like to eat ya. Um, that that’s not how my brain works and believe it or not. That’s also not how the brains of any Venezuelans works. There was a report that actually came out years and years ago before, whatever it is Bob’s even trying to talk about here that said that yes, poor people in Venezuela have in fact had to eat dogs. Like they had a stray dog problem. And then people started eating the dogs that was actually reported at the time, I think back in 2018. So yeah, that’s a thing that happened, but there is nothing linking it to these people, not having guns and by the way, Lauren Bobert and are you die hard, second amendment fanatics, like what do you think any amount of guns is gonna do to protect you from the government?

Let’s assume for a moment that you find yourself in a position to where, oh my God, the government’s tyrannical. Let me go get my, my AR 15. Let me get my handgun. Let me get my shotgun. What are you gonna do with that? Because you do know that the government doesn’t even have to send a troop to your door instead. What’s probably more likely is they’re either gonna just drop a bomb on you from, you know, 40 thou, 30,000 feet up into the air, whatever it is or they could just send a drone to take you out immediately. As soon as you open your front door with your gun, your weapons are not going to protect you.”


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