MyPillow CEO Recruiting Right Wing Sheriffs To Help Overturn Election…

Date: August 08, 2022

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“MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell will be hosting another summit in just a few weeks, but this one is going to be different from his previous “cyber summits.” Lindell has recruited a group of current and former right wing sheriffs to help him push his election lies, a move that could end up allowing law enforcement to intervene in future elections – if Lindell’s plans come to fruition. Farron Cousins explains this dangerous turn for the election-denying pillow magnate.


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You know, usually it’s always pretty fun to talk about MyPillow CEO, Mike Dell, because every time we do it’s cuz he’s gone out there, he said something stupid. He’s done something stupid, but this time not so fun because what’s happening is that Mike Lindell, again, CEO of MyPillow recently announced that on August 20th and 21st, he is gonna be hosting yet another summit, but this one’s gonna be a little different from the ones he has hosted in the past. This is not just going to be, you know, a cyber symposium where he’s, you know, putting forth what he calls these, you know, proof UND undeniable and refutable proof that the election was stolen. This one is what he’s calling a quote moment of truth summit. And what sets this one apart is that he has now gathered up close to a dozen current and former right wing sheriffs from around the nation who are becoming a part of his election denial ecosystem.

Law enforcement officials are coming into the fold as part of Mike Lindell’s new plan to overturn the 2020 election results. And I think at this point, what’s clear is that Linde is not necessarily attempting to overturn the 2020 election results. I feel based on this evidence, he’s gearing up to change future election results. That’s why you bring in the law enforcement officials. Linde already has a network of election workers, right? He does have some sympathetic, uh, secretaries of state, not necessarily sympathetic attorneys general at this point, but there are some secretaries of state. There are some candidates, uh, still out there, you know, ones that won their primaries this past week that agree with what Mike ELA is selling. So if these people get into positions of power, they would be the ones who could then direct local law enforcement officers to go and step in, Hey, local PD.

We need you to go and confiscate these voting machines. I’m the secretary of state. You have to do what I say now, a regular sheriff might look at that and say, no, this, this all, you know, reeks of illegality. I’m not gonna do it. But by bringing these law enforcement officials into the fold, you’re pretty much guaranteeing that you can get sympathetic voices. So you have a Republican election denying secretary of state. You just had an election secretary of state. Doesn’t like the results. And they say, Hey sheriff, Hey, it was great. I met you at that summit a couple weeks ago. Remember tell you what I need you to do. We think there was fraud. So I need you to go and confiscate all these voting machines. The sympathetic sheriff

Of course would say absolutely no problem. It was great seeing you. How are the kids? I got your back. Don’t worry about it. That’s that’s the danger here. This is no longer Mike Lynn Dell, just going out saying goofy things and only goofy people. Listen to him. This is a dangerous evolution of Michellin Dell’s election denial because more and more people somehow keep being brought into the fold. As I said, it is an ecosystem he has now created this entire network. And you have, by the way, some of the, the sheriffs former sheriffs, I should say that are now joining forces with him that have been holding their own summits, talking about election denial or so-called election fraud. These are dangerous individuals who again have influence. They may not still be in office, but they know the folks who are, they know the people who took their jobs.

They know the members of the police force. They can make these things happen if they choose to. So Linde as goofy as he is, as much as he is lied, he’s put together an unfortunately good team here. And that’s absolutely terrifying. The only thing that could stop him, the only thing that would shut him up for good is losing those defamation trials that he has coming up. But we’re possibly two years out from that two years. Do you understand the damage this man can do within the next two years, held discovery in the defamation trial doesn’t even end until January of 20, 23. He has a lot of time to build up his army, send them across the country.”


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