FBI Raids Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Home…

Date: August 09, 2022

01) LINK

“In what can only be described as a sh*tlib wet dream, FBI agents descended on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home Monday to execute a search warrant on the premises. Ostensibly searching for classified documents Trump absconded with from the White House, the agents allegedly even made off with a safe of Trump’s.

Jimmy and his panel of The Dive’s Jackson Hinkle and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger discuss whether the objective of this raid, along with the January 6 hearings, is not the pursuit of justice, but merely to prevent Trump from running for President again.”

Yes…Trumps crimes have parallels with the crimes of so many other U.S. political bigwigs.

That does not mean these things should not be happening to Trump…They in fact should…

…They should also be happening to a lot more people.

The axe needs to fall on all of them.


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