Bill Barr Says Trump Will Focus Purely On Revenge If He Goes Back To Washington…

Date: August 10, 2022

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“Donald Trump’s former attorney general Bill Barr is trying to sound the alarm on his former boss, claiming that if he ever gets back into the White House, the administration will be focusing solely on revenge. This is something we’ve been saying for quite some time, as Trump seems to be only focused on dealing with those who he perceives as having “wronged him” instead of pushing actual policies. Farron Cousins discusses this.


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Bill BARR, Donald Trump’s former attorney general, the guy that was basically handpicked, not basically, he was handpicked by Trump to protect him from the Mueller investigation and essentially make all of that go away. Did an interview recently where he expressed his concern about what a second term of Donald Trump would be like here in the United States. And the reason I like bill Barr’s assessment here is because it is the exact same assessment that I have been giving for months. Now. Here’s what bill BARR had to say. I think the future is bright for the Republican party. I view 20, 24 as setting up another 1980, where when Reagan won two terms and then Bush won a third term. And that’s what I think you really need to make America great. Again, you know, decisive victory and the reaction to the excesses of the progressive Democrats. And I, I think we could do that again and really achieve a decisive victory with the right candidate.

But I don’t think Trump is that candidate. The day he’s elected, he’ll be a 78 year old lame duck who is obviously bent on revenge more than anything else. He’s bent on revenge because as I have pointed out a second term of Donald Trump is gonna be the revenge tour, right? This is Trump 2.0, this is Donald Trump wanting to get even with not just Democrats, but also any Republican that he feels has wronged him in the last, you know, seven years. This is also his attempt to get back at any of the career civil servants that he feels would not go along with his plan. That’s why we’re having these conversations about schedule F and firing 50,000 DOJ employees, which is what Trump’s allies wanna do with their new plan. So he can have his loyalist in his position so he can enact his revenge agenda.

We’re seeing it play out. Now this revenge agenda, he’s suing Hillary Clinton in the DNC for oh, saying Russia was involved in 2016. He wants to Sue CNN. We got more coming up on that a little bit later today, but he wants to Sue everybody. That’s him off, even though he has really no grounds for any of those lawsuits, they’re gonna be laughed outta court, but we’re getting a taste right now. And another thing we have yet to see, but will be coming. Of course, if Donald Trump gets another term in office is the revenge. He will be taking against the individuals who flipped on him and spoke to the January 6th select committee. Because right now, all he’s been able to do in terms of exacting his revenge is go out there and endorse people’s primary opponents and be clear. He’s actually had, you know, a decent amount of success with that. He’s had more success than failure. I would give him at this point. So he has punished those people

By doing nothing more than inserting himself in races. He ought not be inserting himself in and trying to punish those people who he believes did him wrong. Because right now that is the only authority he has. That’s all he can do is come out and say, well, you testified in front of the committee, so I’m gonna endorse your primary opponent. Oh, you talked to the committee. You didn’t want to do an investigation into voter fraud in your state. So maybe I’ll endorse your primary opponent and squeeze you out office. That’s what he did in Wisconsin with Robin Voss threatened to primary Vos or endorse the primary opponent. So Voss is keeping that Wisconsin, uh, voter audit going, even though it had already concluded and found no fraud, but that’s the only power he has right now. He gets back in office and he is got 50,000.

Yes, men and women at the DOJ, his power would be completely unlimited his ability to do whatever the hell he wants to whoever the hell he wants is what is so terrifying. And like bill BARR believes. I also believe that he wouldn’t hesitate to use it. He would come after each and every one of us, if he is given that opportunity. So the best way to make sure that doesn’t happen is to make sure that he doesn’t get that opportunity. Of course, on the Republican side, there are always somebody far worse waiting in the wings. And so even if we get rid of one tyrant, that’s no guarantee that a second, even worse tyrant like DeSantis may not take his place.”


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