Ezra Miller BUSTED for Stealing Booze! The Flash is NOT Cancelled?!…


Date: August 10, 2022

01) LINK

“Ezra Miller is in trouble AGAIN. He’s been busted stealing booze and is set to appear in court for burglary. And yet there’s no indication that David Zaslav is cancelling The Flash movie. Meanwhile, Tokata Iron Eyes claims she wasn’t brainwashed by Miller… but do we know it’s actually her?”

I don’t get the interest in canceling the Flash movie, itself…Isn’t it basically already done?…

The Flash character wasn’t actually bad…There’s no reason to throw this movie into the trash can.

The only real issue…is how they are going to get rid of that version of the Flash, without Miller playing the part…given that this movie is supposed to be a transitional bridge to something else.

…I’m certain they were relying on Miller to be there, when they picked up with the new direction.

What have they really got to lose, in releasing a done movie?…There is still an audience for this.

Just recast the Flash.


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