RAW: Salman Rushdie – Peace Be Upon Him…


Date: August 12, 2022

01) LINK

At the time of this stream, a motive was not officially determined…So…potentially, this may not be connected to islamic extremism…

…But, it walks and quacks like a duck…So…this conversation is understandable, in this moment.

I agree that islamic extremists have no business migrating to other places…In fact, there isn’t any truly correct place for them to exist…and it’s ideal that they just don’t exist at all.

To be fair…I hold the same position on jewish, christian, hindu, buddhist, or any other form of religious extremism…

…There is simply no excuse for it to exist…anywhere at all.

It’s nothing more than bullies tormenting others.


1 thought on “RAW: Salman Rushdie – Peace Be Upon Him…

  1. eqfoundation Post author

    Oh Good Grief!…

    Why did they turn this video private?

    It’s vital to watch the video, in order to get the context of my comments…as much to my own chagrin, I only realized after posting this…that there was no text to quote…and it didn’t initially hit me, that I needed to explain Salman Rushdie had been brutally attacked with a knife, in an obvious murder attempt.


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