2 thoughts on “The Anti-Smartphone Revolution…

  1. Yure

    My usage of smartphone is limited to work and RPG only. If my friends could only come to my house to play RPG in person, then there would be no need to use the smartphone for RPG either. I use the Internet a lot, but at my PC, which stays at home. So, whenever I’m outside, working, I’m mostly disconnected. That, I think, is positive. I don’t frequently buy credits for my phone either, so, on the way from home to work, I have no Internet connection. I think I found a balance. Then again, I detest phones of any nature, dumb or not. I find it a hassle to buy credit and worry about battery. Probably due to my mom forcing me to keep up with those things back when I was a child and had my first cellphone. I felt like I was taking care of a pet. My mom ruined phones for me, with her constant pressure to buy credit and recharge.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Cell phones literally were not a thing, when I was a child in the 70’s…honestly, not even til the later 80’s…and then, it was only for rich people.

      Then cheap cell phones started flooding the market in the late 90’s…and “it all went to hell”… 😉

      My smart phone [I just got my first, about six months ago] stays turned off 95% if the time…I mostly use it like I have my previous cell phones…But it is nice being able to participate in rewards programs again.

      I don’t bother internet surfing with it when away from home, as I don’t care to pay for data transfer…or whatever the heck it’s called…I turned all of that off in the phone, except when a LAN is available.

      Like you, I’m a PC guy…and it’s been driving me up the wall more and more, how they seem to keep pushing everything to cater to smart phones and tablets.

      I own a few tablets…I own a smart phone…but PCs [or Macs] will always be light years ahead of those, from my perspective.

      When I get ready to “work” on my projects…I want my large screen, proper keyboard I can actually type on, and my mouse…at the very least.

      It’s a major hassle trying to do these things with small devices.

      I’m totally with you, in being disconnected…It’s good to just shut it all down, and stay disconnected for a few days…every now and then.


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