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Disney Animators JUMPING SHIP to…The Daily Wire?!…


Date: August 14, 2022

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“Disney artists are apparently jumping ship to The Daily Wire. Yes, THAT Daily Wire. The right-wing political news site The Daily Wire. Yes, they’re making cartoons now for some reason. And a Disney veteran with a pedigree is actually heading up the animation department. Wild…”


(Video) Ukrainians Fleeing To Russian-Held Territory In Droves…

Date: August 14, 2022

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“CNN recently ran a segment about the Ukraine situation that must have left many viewers scratching their heads. Specifically, the news network ran a piece highlighting all the Ukrainian civilians crossing over from Ukrainian territory into areas held by the Russian military. Wouldn’t these people be rounded up and slaughtered by Russian soldiers, viewers must have wondered, based on the kind of reporting they’ve seen from CNN previously?

Jimmy and his panel of The Dive’s Jackson Hinkle and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the likely apocryphal reasons given by motorists for making their way into “enemy”-held territory.”


The Monthly Truth Seeker: “MAPs are an enemy”…

About This Series

Date: August 14, 2022

…A bitter, angry, male sexualist incel lashing out?…Choosing to designate “enemies”?…

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“No. I’m not saying something absurd. MAPs harm us.

The reason is simple. Those fuckers made the effort of connectiong normal sexuality to pedophilia.”

Get this into your head…Human Sexuality Does Not Belong To “You”…You Do Not Hold Domain Over Human Sexuality!…

This may come as a shock to you…but, in the spectrum of human sexuality, pedophilia is normal…It’s always been there…even if marginalized. Pedophilia is an inherent part of human sexuality…It always has been.

We never needed to make any effort to connect the two things…They are one and the same by nature.

And, no…We are not harming you…You are just falling for one of the big lies, and trying to take a swipe at us in retaliation.

First…learn who the true enemies are…Learn what a lie is…Learn where a lie is…Learn who is lying.

…Don’t join in with the liars.

“MAPs make it seem as if that 28 yar old guy is the same as a 40 year old guy manipulating a 7 year old boy into sucking his dick in a dark alley.”

Oh!…That’s “not” leading or tainting “at all”…

Thank you for the strawman…Be careful…It shows the quality of your character and integrity.

“No. It is not the same. A 30 year old man courting a 15 year old female and taking her to a restaurant for a romantic dinner is extremely different to a rich bastard paying big bucks to fuck a 9 year old boy in a shady underground bunker built by a Jeff who didn’t terminate himself in jail.

But MAPS make it the same.”

Okay pal…That is complete bullshit…You are a liar…A bitter, sad, defeated, pathetic liar, grasping at anything to try making yourself relevant.

Firstly…find me MAPs who even support “manipulating a 7 year old boy into sucking dick in a dark alley”, or “paying big bucks to fuck a 9 year old boy in a shady underground bunker”.

That is ruthless character assassination…Shame on you.

In every community I’ve ever been involved with for the past 20 plus years, these sorts of things have always been roundly condemned…and recognized as a major threat holding us back.

You have a lot of gall, equating those things to us…pretending as if we support them.

Pedophiles are generally a lot more humane and respectful towards children than that.

In addition…did Jeffery Epstein even have nine year old boys involved in that mess?

The only thing I’ve ever encountered, is testimony from teenage girls.

Enlighten me if I’m wrong…but that whole thing was catering to ephebophile rapist tendencies…not pedophilia.

I may be wrong…but aren’t you an ephebophile?…It seems to me, if we are going to go down this road…the “Epstein Circle” is more your people, than mine.

…Maybe you should own them, instead of trying to dump them in the backyard of pedophile MAPs.

“MAPs are “attracted to minors” but minors is such a wide range. Anyone under 23 (One of the highest ages of majority) could count as a minor. But a prepubescent is not the same. A child is not the same.”

Prepubescent children are still designated as “minors”…If you don’t like that, then take it up with the lawmakers.

…And MAPs have every right to ally, with whomever willingly allies with us.

We were not, however, allied with rapists…No matter how much people try to make it seem so.

“MAPs made it look like the same. MAPs make us all look like pedophiles. Therefore I disavow, and reject MAPs. Because I don’t want normal male sexual preference to turn guilty by association with pedophilia.

I vocally oppose MAPs because they will damage our natural sexuality.

It is your folly, and your loss…

…Though, to be honest…I would not accept you as an ally…especially after this outburst…So, I guess this is also a gain for MAPs…We need not worry about a backstabbing from you. Very good! 🙂

02) Time to speak to the real pedophiles

“Listen, you filthy pedophiles. Anyone who isn’t a pedophile can tell the difference between a 4 year old, a 10 year old, a 12 year old, and a 17 year old.”

Well…this one has started off quite provocative.

“Actually let me rephrase that. Anyone who isn’t a pedophile can tell the difference between a child and whatever is NOT a child. That is, a child has no secondary sexual characteristics.”

I don’t know where you are coming up with this lie of yours, wherein “pedophiles cannot tell the difference in human Tanner stages”…

…Apparently, you do not understand what pedophilia even is…because Tanner stages are literally vital to the whole orientation.

The differences between infants, toddlers, young children, adolescents and teenagers, is among the oldest conversations in BL/GL communities.

We know there is a vast range of difference…We do make distinctions…We do have clear orientation preferences…We acknowledge that prepubescent children are prepubescent children…while adolescents and teenagers are not prepubescent children…

…And yet…despite our differences…most of us have no qualms about associating with each other…because we are decent, humane people…and we wouldn’t throw one another under the bus.

It’s an informed, mature, rational and decent stance to be in.

The world isn’t going to step in and “save us”…So, we have to do for each other, what the world refuses to offer or allow us. We have to be the support for each other, that the world refuses to give us.

That is worthwhile…And I’m pleased to have hebephiles and ephebophiles as my friends, while personally being a pedophile.

You seem to be under the impression that MAPs equate prepubescent children with adolescents and teenagers…

…As previously stated, we do not…

…It’s just that some of us realize, that even prepubescent children can possess a capacity and drive for certain types of sexual activity.

Human sexuality, by its nature, is not limited to the pubescent and post pubescent…It’s inherently within us all, regardless of age or Tanner stage…

…We just have a really serious, overbearing problem with cultural mass denial…which refuses to acknowledge the obvious…because they don’t want it to be true.

I submit the opinion…that it is better to see things as they are, so that we can better handle them as a culture.

You, apparently, have again bought into the lies and the denial…This helps nothing…This moves nothing forward…

…And you wont help yourself, by working to hurt MAPs…You’re just releasing injury and hate into this world…Nothing more.

Burn to many people…to many bridges…and people will come to know you for that…It will follow you.

“Well. Not I. I won’t form alliances with anyone but my own, even though I won’t attack anyone directly unless they trample on my goals.”

…You already have attacked, dear…And it’s no shock, that you are so self centered.

Our goals are not in conflict…It is another one of the big social lies, that we supposedly “are” in conflict.

…You’re falling for the lies and manipulations, of those who abuse, divide and conquer.

…You shouldn’t be wagging your finger at MAPs…You should be shouting back at those assholes, who are viciously lying about all of us and trying to pit us against each other…They are the true source of the problem…Not MAPs.

If you were perceptive and informed, you’d have known this long, long ago.

…But you choose the easy route, of siding with the bullies…in order to get accepted by the bullies.

Your quality of character and intellect, is exactly why I will never have anyone like you in my inner circle…You’re not worthy of even my trust…let alone, my respect.

“I have seen how the entire male sexualist movement falls apart as its figureheads go into hiding or take stances which actually benefit the real enemy of men.”

Ah, yes…The sad, male sexualist “movement”…which tried to ride the coattails of MAPs, only a few years back…

…Oh!…Excuse me!…That’s tried to recruit MAPs to inflate their numbers, do their bidding and stay quietly behind the scenes…betraying the MAPs own voice, their own rights…their own goals…Yeah, what was I thinking?…You didn’t want equals you had to respect…You wanted minorities that would be your subjects…People you could control, even while looking down upon.

It’s no surprise you’re in shambles, a mere few years later…Your “movement” is a farce.

MAPs have at least an established network and presence…We have knowledge, and a sense of self worth and power…We have real world resources.

“Male Sexualists”?…You have a lot of arrogant, pompous claims, backed up by spineless retreat, bitching, whining and crying…

It’s sad, really…People like you behave as the lap dog of the establishment [which persecutes and torments all of us, man, woman and child]…in hopes the establishment may one day throw you a tiny bone of appeasement. Do you even comprehend how they manipulate you?

Your “leaders” didn’t have the fortitude, to take a difficult stand and stick by it…Maybe…Maybe they’re just a bit to close to “normal”…Maybe when they saw a chance to bail out, they decided they could live with what was allowed to them…

…Maybe, MAPs are so hardened, stubborn and strong…because we never even came close to having that option of being “normal”…Maybe that’s exactly why we don’t crumble and run away, no matter what gets thrown at us.

Maybe the difference…is that we MAPs literally do live on the cutting edge, of people who have been stripped of everything…people who have nothing to lose…Yet people who know their own worth…people who know themselves and their nature…people who realize what is happening to them is dead wrong…indefensible.

MAPs have numerous giants, who stand up against it all…sometimes even on their own…for years…decades…

…This probably causes resentment, in those “male sexualist” incels who understand the reality of it all.

Your post is really convoluted…I’m done responding.


Jordan Chariton GOES OFF on Neo-Fascists and Fake Leftist Grifters…

Date: August 14, 2022

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I haven’t openly stated this before…but it has been bothering me for a while now, how much Jimmy Dore has evolved to remind me of watching Alex Jones.

I like Jimmy…but he is what he is…and he has never been the vanguard of integral investigation…What he is, is someone who looks at the news, and gives voice to the pissed off and ignored population…He calls the assholes and fuckers, “assholes and fuckers”…IMO, he does this rightly 99% of the time.

I don’t have a problem with dialoguing, even when it is with extremists…because it serves a broader purpose…and there should be constructive communication available…especially with groups who largely feel/function isolated.

A ton of people, including children and youth raised all their lives in those cultures, need the exposure to outsiders. Many of them will be looking for a way out…Many of them are abused and oppressed, by the culture they were born into.

As to the infamous Boogaloo Boy Jimmy Dore interview…I’m on record [on this blog], pointing out the sloppy lack of research done by Jimmy. He interviewed one person…That person is a human being who deserves a voice…but he does not speak for the entire Boogaloo movement…and you cannot treat him like he represents the typical Boogaloo Boy.

I don’t agree with all the backlash Jimmy received [in fact, I condemn most of it I’ve seen]…But I also didn’t like the way Jimmy went on to spin it all, as merely “the majority refusing to hear the unwashed”.

You would think…Jimmy would give some weight, to the fact that Boogaloos are documented to have targeted and threatened individual people…They are legitimately recognized as a domestic terrorist group…Which is why Jimmy really stepped in it, by the way he handled this and its fallout.

It’s still fine that he interviewed the guy…but ignoring the elephant in the room?…No…That was not right, at all.

Jordan Chariton says some shitty, ignorant things from time to time, also…But, I think out of all the people who’s media I share…he is among the top, where I respect their journalistic integrity the most.

As a MAP, I could go off on a lot of people in the media…Some thoughts…

We need far more MAP voices out there, to inject real integrity and insight into the media world.

One of the recurring issues [even with my personally chosen regulars I share]…is that it’s only a matter of time, before they slap us in the face with demeaning, dehumanizing, hateful and vicious accusations…and stereotype us.

The sad reality is…when you are part of a group so demonized by the broader culture…media sources that actually respect you, are virtually not even available…and those that are get censored quickly, on most platforms…

…You are forced to rely on the voices and views of “outsiders” and their media, if you want to share media at all.

This is why I normally turn a blind eye anymore, when “my regulars” start behaving like assholes towards MAPs…I’ve spent years calling people out [including them] over this…I’ve said my piece…I am spent, with regards to chasing after this problem…

…You cannot just “throw people out”, because of these shortcomings…You’ll be “throwing everybody out”…You’ll just isolate yourself, and whatever communities you are attempting to strengthen.