Fox Host Calls Out Republican Congressman For Lying About FBI…

Date: August 14, 2022

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“Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy might be tipping Fox News’ hand about the whole situation with the FBI searching Mar-a-Lago by calling out Republican lawmaker Steve Scalise for claiming that the FBI “went rogue.” Doocy pointed out that it was a legitimate search warrant, a factual claim that flies in the face of all of the Republican talking points that we’ve seen this week. Farron Cousins explains what’s happening.


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It looks like Donald Trump and his messaging. And actually most of the Republican parties messaging of, Hey, let’s trash. The FBI is already starting to fall apart on Thursday morning, just yesterday. Folks, Steve Ducey sitting right there on that Fox and friend’s couch, a loyally staunch conservative was interviewing Republican representative Steve Scalise. And once Mr. Scalise decided to go off on a tangent lying about the FBI, Steve Ducey apparently had enough and called him out on it to his face. This is beautiful. Here’s the clip,

The FBI with 35,000, uh, members. You know, now they apparently are receiving a lot of specific field agents are receiving specific death threats because there are a number of people online in elsewhere who are demonizing the FBI and some Republicans, Paul Goler Republican in your caucus from Arizona said, we must destroy the FBI. We must save America. I stand with Donald Trump, Marjorie Taylor green says defend the FBI. I’m just curious. Whatever happened to the Republican party, backing the blue and in particular, the 35 members of law enforcement, federal law enforcement at the FBI.

And frankly, we’re, we’re very strong in supporters of law enforcement. And it concerns everybody. If you see some agents go rogue, and if you see an agency that doesn’t have the right checks and balances at the top, this is coming from Steve who went rogue,

Rogue. They were following a search warrant.

We wanna find that out. We wanna find that out. And that’s why we’re asking these questions because

Who went rogue, they were following a search warrant, Ducey exclaims. And of course he’s a hundred percent, right? Like that’s what this was. It wasn’t a raid. They were executing a search warrant that a judge approved because the DOJ walked in there and was able to prove that we have probable cause that this dude might be breaking the law. The judge examined this, the judge knew how dangerous it would be to just say, ah, screw it, go do whatever. I don’t care. There was thoughtful consideration that went into every step of this process here. And it’s so obvious that even Steve Ducey knows it and Scalise, I love, I love how he’s like. Well, as you know, we’re, we’re trying to find out who went rogue, right? I mean, we don’t know. I’ve just throwing out baseless accusations here. And hoping that later on the evidence will pile up kind of like Republicans have done with the claims of election fraud in 2020, we’re just gonna throw out random claims and then hope that, you know, maybe someday the evidence will come roll it in, but oh man, it’s not coming in.

Is it? Here’s the thing. We know that now it was a, uh, I guess you’d call them a leaker or informant, whatever you wanna call them inside Margo, that of course tipped off the feds that there were boxes that they didn’t get their hands on, that they probably need to. That’s what led the DOJ to go to the judge presented this probable cause evidence based on witness testimony, eyewitness testimony, um, and they probably had even more evidence to back it up. Cuz I witnessed testimony alone. Typically not enough to get an FBI, to carry out a search and seizure warrant and the rest is history, but what’s really interesting to me. Again, this clip happened on Thursday morning, Thursday morning, the raid happened on Monday. Republicans were up and armed for days. They still are. Let’s be clear about that. They still are, but this is how quickly their narrative has fallen apart to the point where even Steve Ducey is telling a sitting member of Congress. Yeah, that didn’t happen. You are lying to us. You are misleading the public. And when you’ve already lost Fox news after three days, imagine how many more people are gonna be calling BS on this narrative a week from now.”


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