Jordan Chariton GOES OFF on Neo-Fascists and Fake Leftist Grifters…

Date: August 14, 2022

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I haven’t openly stated this before…but it has been bothering me for a while now, how much Jimmy Dore has evolved to remind me of watching Alex Jones.

I like Jimmy…but he is what he is…and he has never been the vanguard of integral investigation…What he is, is someone who looks at the news, and gives voice to the pissed off and ignored population…He calls the assholes and fuckers, “assholes and fuckers”…IMO, he does this rightly 99% of the time.

I don’t have a problem with dialoguing, even when it is with extremists…because it serves a broader purpose…and there should be constructive communication available…especially with groups who largely feel/function isolated.

A ton of people, including children and youth raised all their lives in those cultures, need the exposure to outsiders. Many of them will be looking for a way out…Many of them are abused and oppressed, by the culture they were born into.

As to the infamous Boogaloo Boy Jimmy Dore interview…I’m on record [on this blog], pointing out the sloppy lack of research done by Jimmy. He interviewed one person…That person is a human being who deserves a voice…but he does not speak for the entire Boogaloo movement…and you cannot treat him like he represents the typical Boogaloo Boy.

I don’t agree with all the backlash Jimmy received [in fact, I condemn most of it I’ve seen]…But I also didn’t like the way Jimmy went on to spin it all, as merely “the majority refusing to hear the unwashed”.

You would think…Jimmy would give some weight, to the fact that Boogaloos are documented to have targeted and threatened individual people…They are legitimately recognized as a domestic terrorist group…Which is why Jimmy really stepped in it, by the way he handled this and its fallout.

It’s still fine that he interviewed the guy…but ignoring the elephant in the room?…No…That was not right, at all.

Jordan Chariton says some shitty, ignorant things from time to time, also…But, I think out of all the people who’s media I share…he is among the top, where I respect their journalistic integrity the most.

As a MAP, I could go off on a lot of people in the media…Some thoughts…

We need far more MAP voices out there, to inject real integrity and insight into the media world.

One of the recurring issues [even with my personally chosen regulars I share]…is that it’s only a matter of time, before they slap us in the face with demeaning, dehumanizing, hateful and vicious accusations…and stereotype us.

The sad reality is…when you are part of a group so demonized by the broader culture…media sources that actually respect you, are virtually not even available…and those that are get censored quickly, on most platforms…

…You are forced to rely on the voices and views of “outsiders” and their media, if you want to share media at all.

This is why I normally turn a blind eye anymore, when “my regulars” start behaving like assholes towards MAPs…I’ve spent years calling people out [including them] over this…I’ve said my piece…I am spent, with regards to chasing after this problem…

…You cannot just “throw people out”, because of these shortcomings…You’ll be “throwing everybody out”…You’ll just isolate yourself, and whatever communities you are attempting to strengthen.


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