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Trump Hires Trash Lawyers Because Competent Attorneys REFUSE To Work For Him…

Date: August 18, 2022

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“Donald Trump’s legal team has proven in various media appearances that they aren’t exactly the freshest legal minds out there, and a new report from The Washington Post has explained why: GOOD lawyers are refusing to take on Trump as a client. Even though a high-profile case could help their careers, the best lawyers in the country are refusing to do it because of the baggage and perils that come along with representing Trump. Farron Cousins explains what’s happening.


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According to some major new reports. Donald Trump is really struggling to hire good quality lawyers because all of the good quality lawyers in this country are straight up telling him. Thanks, but no thanks. So here’s what’s happening. As we all know, Donald Trump has a legal team that consists of people like Christina, Bob, who of course, was a former host on one America news. He’s got Alina Haba up in New Jersey who has been ridiculed by all of his other lawyers. And he’s got a cast of individuals who have according to these reports, uh, no lawsuits, no federal filings to their names, whi which means they’ve literally never handled the kind of case that Donald Trump has, of course hired them to do. And he has been working overtime in the days since the FBI search of Mar Lago to find more lawyers. But again, nobody that’s actually good wants to do it.

And there’s two main reasons why all of these competent lawyers are telling him no. The first one, according to these reports is the most obvious, right? Donald Trump cannot be controlled. In fact, it told the story of one of his previous lawyers during the Mueller investigation that, uh, had told him don’t tweet about it, right? Let’s just shut our mouths, be quiet and move on. And before that lawyer had even pulled their car out of the white house, Trump sent a tweet attacking Mueller. So yeah, he can’t be controlled. He’s not the kind of guy that’s going to listen to sound legal advice. And therefore they don’t wanna do that. If they’re gonna take him on as a client, they need to make dang sure that he is going to actually take their legal advice. Otherwise, what’s the point, right? We don’t wanna have somebody on our roster that doesn’t know how to take legal advice.

And that is obviously one of Donald Trump’s biggest Achilles heels is that he thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room. And that’s why lawyers are saying, I’m not gonna do this because you’re pretty much gonna do something stupid. And then I’m gonna look like the idiot representing you. The second reason. And this one is far more hilarious, of course is because they’re worried. They’re not gonna get paid. That is a legit concern. It would be unclear if they would ever get paid. The report says, according to the lawyers like, well, even if he is not controllable, maybe I’d consider it. But this guy has such a poor track record of even paying his bills. I don’t think I wanna Wade into this because the last thing you wanna do is not only get embarrassed by your client, but then not get paid by your client.

Like that’s just adding insult to injury. Like, Hey, not only did I not listen to any of your legal advice, but I’m also not gonna pay you for any of it either. In fact, John Eastman, who of course has Donald Trump’s COO memo lawyer at one point even reached out to Giuliani and said, Hey, he’s not paying his bills. Could you help me out getting in touch with him to pay me? So John Eastman is in a world of legal trouble, all of his own and all that work. He’s probably not even gonna get paid for. So yeah, those are some big problems, but of Donald Trump’s current legal team, this is what the reports say. Christina Bob’s prior legal experience at the federal level consists mainly of a handful of trademark infringement cases on behalf of CrossFit during a stint at a San Diego law firm. Uh, Trump’s other lawyer currently based in Florida is Lindsay Halligan, who we talked about a segment earlier this week, whose practice according to a professional biography, focuses on insurance claims at residential and commercial properties. A search of federal court records found no filings under her name. Trump is also being represented, uh, represented, excuse me, in the records dispute by Alina Haba, who leads a three attorney firm with an office near Trump’s golf club in Bedminster. Her professional experience includes serving as general counsel to a parking garage company.

That’s, uh, that’s the all star heavy hitter legal team that Donald Trump has put together to keep him out of federal prison for possibly stealing nuclear documents from the white house. Um, best of luck.”


Hillary Clinton Dusts Off Bernie Derangement, Believes Elizabeth Warren’s Bernie is Sexist Smear…


Date: August 18, 2022

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Bitter old hag…She’s angry this country rejected her…soundly…for a second time…

So much which has been thrown at Bernie over the years, is entirely unfair and indefensible…even if a few big issues his supporters have with him, are legitimate.

Of all the people who know better than to be doing this…Hillary has to be very high up on that list…and yet, here she is…persisting with these obvious lies.

She is unscrupulous and disgusting…We keep seeing why this toxic, corrupt politician is not fit or worthy to be U.S. president.

Sadly…that is all we ever find in the U.S. presidency…people unfit and unworthy.

…Obviously…this is why Hillary believed she had a credible chance to win.


The Gift of “I Don’t Know”…


Date: August 18, 2022

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“Just because someone doesn’t know the answer doesn’t mean your answer is right.”

The inherent problem with declaring “you already have the answers”…is that you’re not even trying to find genuine answers…You’ve stalled out, and resigned yourself to whatever makes you feel most at ease.

In my opinion…the reason there is so much hostility towards science from religious people…is because it pokes massive holes in their source of emotional comfort…and they lash out because of it.

You get logical leaps which make no sense…where they genuinely act like it’s “the superior stance to have”…coupled with infantile attacks on science…because it doesn’t just spit out “answers”, as reckless and careless as religion does.

Many of these people simply want “an answer”…no matter how ridiculous that “answer”.

They don’t like that science sometimes cannot currently answer a question.

I would submit, it is better to embrace that we just don’t know an answer, as opposed to accepting an unproven or baseless “answer”.

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