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House of the Dragon is 20 TIMES More Popular Than Amazon’s Lord of the Rings?!…


Date: August 22, 2022

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“House of the Dragon, the Game of Thrones prequel, set viewership records for HBO and crashed the HBO Max app. It’s being estimated that interest in House of the Dragon is 20 TIMES that of Amazon’s The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. YIKES.”

If you haven’t even watched Game of Thrones yet…Good Grief!…Watch It!…The first season is stellar…Even though it begins to lose it’s edge [very, very slightly] with season two onward, there remains a ton to love and keep you hooked.

The main problem with the last two seasons, is that the show shed all of it’s meticulousness, and launched into a sprint towards the end…showing you as little as possible, to get the base points across to you.

There is absolute legitimacy in that bitching…but one or two points aside, what appears even in the last two seasons is still great…arguably better than some of the slower parts in previous seasons.

If you decide not to watch because “the wrong person ends up becoming king, and it’s dumb”…or whatever the excuse…you miss the whole point of watching a show like this…The journey is the meat that sustains it all…The literal ending [with the counsel picking a new king], was just tying up a lose end…It may not have been great, but who cares?…It cannot even come close to souring the whole show…It’s only one, last fleeting moment in a very long show.


Rudy Giuliani Just Made Trump’s Legal Problems So Much Worse…

Date: August 22, 2022

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“During an interview with Newsmax, Rudy Giuliani ran his mouth, as usual, and ended up making Donald Trump’s legal problems worse. Giuliani appeared to confirm that Trump had classified documents, but says that it was totally ok because he was only keeping them there to protect them. But the admission that he had them is bad news for the former President, as Farron Cousins explains.


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You know, one of my favorite things about Rudy Giuliani is that every time the guy goes out there and talks, and we’ve seen this throughout the years, when he’s been, uh, representing Donald Trump, he always goes out there and accidentally admits to all the horrible things that Donald Trump has been accused of. Right. He did it during the impeachment hearings, you know, went out there, did interviews in the media and had an oops moment when he kind of spilled the beans that, yeah, I mean, everything they accused him of it did happen, but, uh, Hey, it’s not so bad. Well, Rudy Giuliani had another one of those moments in an interview with news max this past week. So take a look at Rudy, Rudy Giuliani, uh, 100% admitting that Trump did all the things he’s currently being accused of doing, but also explaining that it’s totally cool that he did it here he is.

And, and now they wanna make him responsible for having taken classified documents and preserve them. Really. If you look at the espionage act, it’s not really about taking the documents, it’s about destroying them or hiding them or, uh, giving ’em to the enemy. Right. It’s not about taking them and putting them in a place that’s roughly as safe as they were in, in the first place.

So Giuliani says, yeah, he took the documents. Yeah. He took documents that were classified, but the espionage act only says, if you destroy them, you’re guilty. By the way is not, not what it says. It’s the mishandling, but he didn’t destroy. And him he’s keeping him safe. Right. And Malago is just as safe as the national archives. He says maybe, maybe even safer, no safer place on earth than a golf resort in south Florida that is directly in the line of hurricanes every year. Totally safe place. Right. We don’t have to worry about anything, uh, getting flooded or blown away in the wind to land in the hands of somebody dangerous. So yeah. Why not just store everything down at Malago let’s just have the national archives, go ahead, pack everything they have up in a moving truck and go store it down there at Malago start paying Donald Trump’s some rent.

Right. Um, Giuliani of course just made Donald Trump’s legal problems. Much, much worse because he admitted that he did the thing that other Republicans are trying to say. No, he didn’t do it. Cuz see here’s how the talking points surrounding this whole thing have evolved in just two weeks. I love it. It’s just two weeks. First and foremost was he didn’t do anything wrong. Secondly, none of those documents were classified. Third. Some of them were classified, but it’s okay because he gave a blanket declassification order that nobody can really prove that he did, but he totally did it. And so it’s totally okay. And now Rudy Giuliani has just bypassed all that and he says, yeah, he did all these things. They’re classified, whatever. But Hey, he was just keeping him safe. He, he, he didn’t want, you know, uh, uh, bugs to get in there or, or maybe, you know, a fire.

What if a fire happened at the national archives and then these documents got destroyed, then y’all all look real silly. Huh? So, so Trump was doing you a favor by keeping ’em down there and keeping ’em safe, right? I mean, yes. I’m admitting that he committed the crime you’re accusing him of, but also that crime, you know, it is not really real based just, oh my God, Donald Trump, listen, I wanna see you go down from this, but I wanna see it done through good old fashioned police work in investigations and trials. Right? I want you to go through the justice system. So do us all a favor, pick up your cell phone. We know it’s always glued to your frigging hand anyway. Call up Rudy Giuliani and just tell him, stop, please, Rudy, for the love of God, stop talking. Every time you open your mouth, you make my legal problems worse. And I can’t handle that right now because my lawyers are complete garbage. You should know you were one of them. That’s what Trump needs to say to Rudy, but he’s not. And we get to laugh all along the way as Donald Trump’s former lawyer, I guess, continues to admit that yeah, he committed crimes, but Hey, he only did it because he cares so much about the sanctity of keeping documents.”