Mike Lindell’s Latest Event Was A Complete Failure…

Date: August 25, 2022

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“MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell promised that there would be no more doubters of his election fraud claims after his weekend conference, but the conference has now been over for days and we don’t have any of the evidence that he swore he’d provide. What we did get, however, are a bunch of coupon codes to buy stuff from his website, which shows us what this past weekend was really about. Farron Cousins explains what happened.


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Well folks, it’s Wednesday. Now we’re several days removed from this past weekend where Mike Linde, CEO of MyPillow and my coffee, um, held a two day cyber symposium that he told us before it even happened was going to change everything. The evidence he was gonna present to us was gonna make everybody walk away, saying there is no way you can deny it. He said there would be no more people saying that fraud didn’t happen. After his weekend. Cyber symposium did a segment on it went up, uh, Saturday morning, right before his event began aired his clip. We were waiting for it. We were expecting it. I thought for sure, Donald Trump would be president by now, but here we are on Wednesday and literally nothing has happened because of course, Mike Landell is full of crap. He did not present evidence over the weekend. That was going to shock you.

He did not present any evidence of actual voter fraud whatsoever. In the two, 12 hour day symposium, the guy had 24 hours and gave you nothing. I, I take that back. That is absolutely unfair of me to say that he gave you nothing. He gave you coupon codes to use on his website to buy his pillows and his coffee. That’s what he gave you because the entire weekend was nothing more than an infomercial for his products. That coupon code was right there on the screen. Pretty much the entire time, right there in the bottom Chiron. It was there for everybody to use. If you tuned in, if you were one of the few people who tuned in, because at one point several hours into it, there were only 28 people watching it on Frank’s speech, which is where it was. You know, the main home of it on rumble and YouTube.

It peaked at 1500 people watching it. His organizers said they were expecting about a thousand people to show up in the crowd. Instead they got 400. And a lot of that has to do with the fact that Steve Bannon and Marjorie Taylor green showed up. I’m willing to bet that’s when those spikes in both attendance and online viewership happened because Steve Bannon did say at one point that Marjorie Taylor green should be speaker of the house. And honestly, that’s about the most interesting thing that came out of Mike Linda Dell’s third cyber symposium. The point is this, and I understand I probably don’t have a big audience. You know, that’s shared with Mike Lendell. I don’t think people are going from Frank’s speech to fair and balanced over here. Maybe you are, but if you do, or if you know somebody that’s buying into what this guy is selling, other than his pillows and his coffee, please show them this, show them that nothing happened. And the reason nothing happened is because this guy has no evidence because it doesn’t

Exist. But he is stringing these people along these gullible little dots, telling them every couple of months, I’m about to blow your mind. Here it comes. Oh, it’s coming up on the weekend. Don’t forget to buy some coffee now, cuz I sell that too. And then nothing. He never delivers. That’s how we keep stringing you along. I mean, after all, if Mike Linde had what he says, he had he’d have Republican attorneys, general willing to sign on to his lawsuits, but he doesn’t, he wouldn’t be laughed out of court. He wouldn’t be facing a multi-billion dollar defamation lawsuit, but he is because what he claims to have doesn’t actually exist. The people that are blindly following this moron need to wake up and realize that how many more times are you gonna let him lead you on how many more times are you gonna get your hopes up only to have them dashed because he doesn’t do anything other than sell you pillows. I mean, it’s on y’all at this point. It is absolutely on the audience. Linde is going to continue to gr as long as he can gr and he can only continue to do that. As long as stupid people choose to remain stupid.”


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