Pedophiles About Pedophilia Mentioned on UK Column News – 26th August 2022…

August 29, 2022

01) UK Column News – 26th August 2022

02) Pedophiles About Pedophilia

Thanks to feinmann!

“Mike Robinson, Patrick Henningsen, Vanessa Beeley, Iain Davis and Mark Anderson with today’s UK Column News.


I can’t recall this initiative on OLF before – apologies if it has been flagged/discussed previously. I found out about it via UK Column (Friday edition: whilst they discussed the topic: “The WHO’s Sexualisation of Infants” (23:09 onwards).

The Pedophiles About Pedophilia website was mentioned from 37:24 to 40:05. I have no idea who supports/runs the website. The UK Column presenter Venessa Beale in discussing the website, says “this for me is a terryfying step towards the destigmatisation of paedophile” and “it is literally a grooming program for a paedophile ring.””

Yes, I have a link to the Pedophiles About Pedophilia website on the EQF Community Links webpage.

They are soundly in the Virtuous Pedophiles neighborhood. I don’t discriminate based on philosophical differences and beliefs, hence there are a number of such links there.

In addition, I think it’s just healthy and honest to share a diverse range of views.

I’m glad that project is still active.

Not to get deep into this, but during the twitter years, the owner of that website fell in with the more aggressive young MAPs, who decided they were leading the charge to get “pro contact” MAPs thrown off the platform…So, we were at substantial odds with each other. It’s water under the bridge now, though…They have a complicated life history, which left them quite negative on intergenerational sex with minors.

Three or four years back, they reached out…or somebody brought us together [I forget…It may have been Kamile Beylant], and we briefly discussed a project they were doing…I gave some thoughts and feedback…I think they were trying to categorize MAPs by beliefs, to summarize the different philosophical groups…The end product may very well be posted at that website.

Well…congratulations to Timothy N. Fury, who I believe owns that website [though it might be a group project].

We all get attention from time to time…sometimes by bigger platformed people…sometimes by people screwier than most…occasionally by respect worthy groups.

It’s always nice to see MAPs getting publicity, for generally positive projects and initiatives…even where the people discussing it don’t understand it…as is painfully clear, here.

You cannot “groom people into being pedophiles”…That’s absurd.

I’ll pass this find around on another platform, where the more VP sort gather…and see what is made of it.


6 thoughts on “Pedophiles About Pedophilia Mentioned on UK Column News – 26th August 2022…

  1. Yure

    People forget that science evolves. What we took for granted yesterday may not be granted tomorrow and might be changing today. If the World Health Organization is now saying that babies are sexual beings (no idea, didn’t watch the video), that’s not sexualization, but science taking it’s course and publicizing a fact. It’s up to us to adapt that into public policy the best way we can.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      I only watched the earmarked section…Not sure I really want to watch all of the video.

      I agree…Plus, it should not be a controversy, for medical authorities to state what has always been manifestly obvious.

      1. feinmann

        VP featured once more in UK-related news recently: “An organization that campaigns to destigmatize pedophilia has been slipping propaganda into books at libraries in major UK cities. A representative for the internet-based group Virtuous Pedophiles, Bly Rede, claims to have stuffed books with the handwritten letters in Bristol, Northampton, and Manchester.”

      2. eqfoundation Post author

        Thank you for that, feinmann…

        …A lot of propaganda in that one.

        I know nothing of Micheal having been “a child rapist”…Nor do I see any reason to grant whoever wrote that [Genevieve Gluck?] a free pass…After reading portions of that, I’d say we’re justified in rejecting their claims.

        That’s clearly a hatchet piece…And we both know how the word “rape” gets used, in the most distorted ways imaginable…

        …But, who cares?…It’s the hissings and screechings of abusive manipulators, who want nothing to change for the better…Yet, things are going to change for the better…eventually…They cannot stop if from happening.

        …Their outrage is like music to the ears. 🙂

  2. feinmann

    Genevieve Gluck, “the Co-Founder of Reduxx, and the outlet’s Chief Investigative Journalist with a focused interest in pornography, sexual predators, and fetish subcultures. She is the creator of the podcast Women’s Voices, which features news commentary and interviews regarding women’s rights.”

    Yet another man-hating feminist, and, as we are told, all paedophiles are men, so she evidently has an ideal story to use as a conduit to juice up and broadcast her toxic prejudices.

    I have never been a big fan of VP, and I would have had more respect for Bly Rede had he attempted to reach out to more people than just a few chance library book borrowers, kind of an act of simultaneous courage plus cowardice, and one that might reinforce the public notion that paedophiles most definitely have a screw loose.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      So many of us have been conditioned to approach open discussion of sex, with fear and shame. This gets severely compounded by the hostile, threatening world around us, and some of the crazy, violent people in it.

      I likely would not discuss what, to me, is a generally private matter…if it weren’t for the fact that I now see it as imperative, that people like us stand up and push back against the extreme, and what it’s doing to all of us.

      If I did discuss it in some alternate universe…I expect it would be far different, and in a joyful manner.

      While I’m not sure of the impact and weight of it all…I understand what motivates Bly.

      I wouldn’t do it myself…You know someone found it, and tattled to management, the police, the press…and turned it into something it’s not…They’ll likely be watching people more close, trying to find out who Bly is.

      That sort of thing falls apart so easy…It’s hard to keep something like that going.


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