National Security Lawyer: Why Trump WILL BE Indicted…

Date: August 30, 2022

01) LINK

“Krystal and Saagar bring national security lawyer Bradley Moss back on the show where he makes the case that Trump will be indicted for the classified documents scandal”

Do you suppose…residents of the big house are haggling over, who gets “the donald” as their prison bitch?

…That would make one annoying prison bitch.

Well…maybe he’ll squirm out of things again…and nobody will be additionally punished, with such a prison bitch…

…Oh, hell…who am I kidding…They’ll probably “sentence” him to “house arrest” at one of his machines…where he’ll live and eat like a king, til the day he dies.

Real justice doesn’t come to people like “the donald”…

…Though, I hope this time I’m wrong.


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