Lindsey Graham Threatens ‘Riots In The Street’ If Trump Is Indicted…

Date: August 31, 2022

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“Republican Senator Lindsey Graham issued an ominous warning (or threat, depending on how you interpret it) on Fox News over the weekend by saying that there would be “riots in the streets” if Donald Trump gets indicted. While there will certainly be palpable anger coming from Trump’s cult followers as we’ve already seen with just the investigation, the comments from Graham could easily be taken as a dog whistle to the group about what to do if indictments happen. Farron Cousins discusses these remarks.


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Republican Senator Lindsay Graham appeared on Fox news weekend program on Sunday evening, where he said that we can expect quote riots in the street. If Donald Trump gets indicted. Now on Monday, of course, everybody was talking about Lindsay Graham warns of riots in the street. If Trump is indicted. But to me, based on the clip, which I’ll show in just a second here, but based on the clip, I didn’t take that as a warning. In my opinion, it came across as an absolute threat about what will happen if Trump is indicted. So here is Lindsay Graham pay attention, not just to his words, folks, but to the inflection that he uses and the tone that he uses, cuz that’s how we decipher the meaning. So I’ll get more to that. But anyway, here’s the clip, Lindsay Graham Riot’s in the street, take it away.

Say this. If there’s a prosecution of Donald Trump for mishandling classified information after the Clinton debacle, which you presided over and did a hell of a good job, there’ll be riots in the streets.

So of course he has to throw in the whole Hillary Clinton thing, which as we all know was thoroughly investigated for years and years and years and wasted tons of taxpayer money, but she was thoroughly investigated, sat for 11 straight hours, testifying in front of the house of representatives. They couldn’t find anything to pin on her. So as much as I don’t like Hillary Clinton, this is apples to oranges at this point because she did go through the process. She sat for the depositions. She sat for the interviews. Trump isn’t willing to do any of that as far as we know. So don’t even attempt to compare it to that debacle.

But of course it is the phrase. There will be riots in the straits. Lindsay Grahams, uh, is telling us, so again, is that a warning or is it a threat? In my opinion at that was a threat the way he said it, his inflections, the words he emphasized, his tone, all of that to me, indicates that he is telling us this is gonna happen because we’re gonna be. He wasn’t saying it as a cautionary tale. And let me just point out differences in how things come across. If I were to tell you guys, look, if this happens, there’s gonna be riots in the streets.

Or if I tell you this, if this happens, there’ll be riots in the streets. One of those, the first one of course was a warning. The second was a threat and yes, it does have everything to do with how you say those words with the tone that you use. And Lindsay Graham knows this better than anybody because he’s trying to avoid testifying in the state of Georgia where Donald Trump’s tone and inflection is going to determine whether or not he gets indicted for telling Brian Kemp and, uh, Brad Berger to go find the votes. You know, I’ve talked about that a hundred times. There’s a world of difference between go find those votes and go find the votes, exact same sentences to completely different meanings. And that’s what we’re dealing with with Lindsay Graham’s statement right here. He is not warning us that there will be riots in the street.

I firmly believe he is threatening us with riots in the street because that’s how crazy Donald Trump’s supporters are. And I don’t doubt it, but maybe it’s not a warning and maybe it’s not a threat maybe in a dog wily kind of way. Maybe it’s a call to action. Maybe that’s Lindsay Graham’s way of letting these people know what he expects them to do. So I guess there’s three different ways to interpret it. But personally, I don’t think it was a warning at all. I think it was either a threat or a call to action from Lindsay Graham.”

I’m not sure that spineless old duffer is making threats…I think he’s more akin to a scared animal, trying to find a safe space to hide in…trying to latch onto whatever will sustain him.


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