TV Host Hates How He Raised His Baby Boomer Children…


Date: August 31, 2022

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“The speaker is Steve Allen, actor, comic, writer, musician, creator of The Tonight Show and so much more. The dialogue with him was recorded in 1989. He was a prolific talent on radio, TV, composed thousands of songs, acted in movies, wrote books, was a well-known science skeptic, and the all-around good guy. He is a cofounder of the Tonight Show where he had as guests many of the most famous folks of his time including Elvis Presley and Jerry Lewis. His second marriage was to Jayne Meadows. He died in 2000 after being bumped by another car which broke three of his ribs and caused internal bleeding at 78 years old. I was fortunate to have interviewed him for my TV series on the 1960s. He knew the depression era and the 1950s and was uniquely articulate in presenting his point of view. Search his name on my YouTube channel to find other clips from his interview.

As my subscribers and others know, I have gotten a huge amount of comments on the issue of the baby boomers. Some commentators see the baby boomers as the generation that destroyed the planet, wrecked the economy, destroyed America, was the last generation and everything after it, caused by it, got worse. Baby boomers commenting often feel that they are incorrectly judged by millennials and were in fact just like any other generation although if you admit to having more money than most teens did before or have today. Others feel that the parental generation that raised the baby boomers spoiled them, babied them, made them think that life was easy. Others commented that in fact for them, growing up at this time, life wasn’t easy at all with violent parents who were violent in the home and girls/women being constantly positioned to be submissive and all of the other parental behaviors that restricted children growing up at that time. Others feel that those restrictions are needed again in order to control young people/teenagers and even people in their early 20s.

Steve Allen is considered brave by many commentators because he took responsibility for how badly he felt he had raised his children doing part to the time in which they lived and impart to his own time commitment to his career which often took precedence over his time spent with his family. That was true for a lot of working men at all income levels at that time.”

I’m not convinced that heterosexual marriage to one partner is “the way things were meant to be”…

…It is one way things can be, that works for many…but certainly not all.

Each individual has to find what works for them.


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