Visibly Defeated Mike Lindell Admits His Recent Election Fraud Event Was A Failure…

Date: August 31, 2022

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“A defeated Mike Lindell admitted that his recent election fraud cyber event was a complete failure, but he swears that it wasn’t his fault. Instead, he claims that every search engine and social media platform somehow colluded to keep people away from his event, which definitely isn’t a thing that happened. Farron Cousins explains why Lindell is having such a hard time attracting people to his freak show.


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Well folks, it seems like Mike Linde, CEO of MyPillow has finally come to the realization that he is a failure. Not just is he a failure by the way, but his most recent little cyber symposium on election fraud was a complete and total failure. And recently this week, you know, week and a half after, of course the actual thing took place. A defeated. Mike Linde got on video and explained that yep, his latest event was a failure, but don’t worry. He’s not taking the blame for the failure. Of course, it’s on literally everybody else as to why Mike Linde can’t get more people to buy into his conspiracy theory. So here he is, again, the very defeated and sad Mike Linde explaining why he’s a complete and total failure. Take a look.

It’s the aftermath that one of the most important events in our country’s history, I will tell you this, what I have learned since then this weekend, we had Google Yahoo, Bing, duck, duck, all the search engines worked against us there. I bought AdWords on every single one of them platforms so that if you put in moment of true summit or Mike Glendale’s event and ad would’ve came up, so it would’ve been the first one telling you where to go there and all the, and all these things. This happened back when I did absolute proof, the movie Google and all them took away my ability to buy those ads. I expected to come in this morning, I’d have $200,000 in bills from all them AdWord, everybody talking about it and spreading the word less than a hundred dollars. Everybody. What they did is totally suppressed these events in this AdWord. Um, they I’ve I’m, I’m here live on Facebook. There’s only 300 people there that they’ve suppressed Facebook, um, all the media, including, uh, um, Salem, media news, max Fox, all the media, nobody has reached out to me, everybody, nobody. Remember I told you all the only way this last weekend fails is if we don’t get the word out

One that’s right folks, the biggest conspiracy this country has ever seen. You got Google, you got Twitter, YouTube, Yahoo, duck do go, uh, Fox news news, max, uh, ask JS geo cities, MySpace, every fricking website that’s ever existed. Somehow banded together to make Mike Linde look like an idiot because yeah, it would really take all of those massive billion dollar entities to come together to make the pillow man look stupid, right? If he didn’t have all those pieces in place, he would’ve seen be seen as, you know, whatever the hell it is. He thinks he’s being seen as the guy’s a kook. He is an absolute Nutter. And uh, at least he knows he failed, right? I mean, at that point we have to see, okay, there’s a little bit, there’s a little bit of introspection there because he knows it failed. So we give him credit for that.

We just gotta push him over to the edge and make him realize why it failed. Why is nobody buying your conspiracy theory? But you can’t launch new conspiracy theories about why nobody’s buying your conspiracy theories. The reason nobody watched your stupid little cyber symposium is because the few people who did believe it to begin with had been strung along by you so many different times, they had sat there and watched so many other little cyber symposiums from you and never once. Did they get any actual evidence that you promised them repeatedly you would give, even before this most recent one, Linde put out a video saying that nobody would be even be able to deny that the 2020 election was stolen after that weekend. And then what did he do during that symposium? He didn’t present any evidence to back up any of his claims.

And he spent the whole time attacking the media. You know, at one point it turned into a campaign rally for Marjorie Taylor green. He’s putting pillow coupon codes on the screen the whole time. So you go and buy his products. It was an infomercial for the worst products and people that this country has to offer, but there was no election fraud proven. I don’t even know at this point, if they even talked about election fraud. So don’t get mad at Google and Yahoo and Fox and Newsmax because your thing failed, it didn’t fail because they conspired against you. It failed because more and more people are waking up to the fact that you’re a complete wacko.”


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