Trump Admits To Sedition Then Says He May Pardon Capitol Rioters…

Date: September 04, 2022

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“Donald Trump is going all in on the Capitol Rioters, announcing late this week that not only is he paying legal fees of some of the rioters, but also that he’s considering pardoning them if he gets back into the White House. This could easily be viewed as an attempt to keep these people happy so that they revolt if he’s arrested, as Farron Cousins explains.


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During an interview this week on the windy bell radio show, Donald Trump casually admitted to sedition. And by sedition, of course, we mean aiding providing material aid or comfort to those who have attacked the United States of America. Specifically, of course, the capital rioters, because Donald Trump claimed in this interview that not only was he by the way paying some of their legal bills, but he’s also considering pardoning them. If he gets back in the white house, in addition to of course issuing them a formal apology. So here is what Donald Trump said. When asked during a call in with conservative windy bell radio show, how he can help the defendants. Trump said he’s quote, financially supporting people that are incredible. It’s a disgrace. What they’ve done to them. They’re firemen, they’re policemen, they’re people in the military. And then he said his legal team is quote, working on it very hard.

And then he added, I think that’s probably going to be the best because if they go for two months or six months, they have sentences that go a lot longer than that. But we’ll be looking very, very seriously at full pardons because we can’t let that happen here. Trump said adding that convicted rioters would also get a quote apology. Yes, we’re so incredibly sorry that you decided to break the law and storm the capital building of the United States and interrupt a constitutionally protected congressional process. Yes we’re. We are the ones who messed up in that situation. Um, so two things here, as I mentioned, obviously, sedation, you cannot provide material aid or comfort to those who have attacked the United States. And I think it’s pretty clear, at least in my opinion that these capital Rios attacked the United States. So what Donald Trump is doing by paying their legal fees, which of course other Republican, uh, uh, you know, conservative talkers have also raised money for these people by definition, that would fit in with sedition.

So technically good prosecutor out there. If they wanted to, they would probably have a pretty solid case. Of course, unfortunately, probably not gonna happen. It should. It could, but it definitely won’t and that’s very disappointing, but I think the more likely thing that Trump is doing here is basically in a dog wily kind of way, signaling to these people that if something happens to me with all these investigations, if I get arrested, if I get indicted, if I get put on trial and convicted, y’all need to riot because if you do, don’t worry, I’m right around the corner and I’m gonna end up in the white house. And I’m gonna give you a full presidential pardon along with, of course, an apology for you being treated so unfairly for what you did. Um, this is sickening

And it’s because of the dog whist of it. If that’s even a word I know it’s not, but let’s make it a word. That’s why we, we should kind of move forward on these sedation charges. But the sedation charges would only be applicable if these individuals were being tried for an actual insurrection, you know, if they were being prosecuted under the insurrection act instead of, oh, you’re trespassing on government property. Oh no, you interrupted a congressional, uh, event. You know, that’s what they’re getting ’em for. They’re not getting ’em for insurrection. So that’s why you wouldn’t be able to do this edition charges against Donald Trump or anybody else footing the legal fees for these people. But all it would take is for one of them that one of these people are paying for, to be charged with an actual insurrection for the sedition to kick in. So again, prosecutors, if you’re paying attention, find out who he’s funding, cuz we don’t know right now we don’t even know how many, maybe slap some insurrection charges on those people. Maybe we can take Trump down as well.”


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