Trump Brags About Poll Numbers As His Entire Life Implodes…

Date: September 04, 2022

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“During an interview with Real America’s Voice, Donald Trump boasted about his poll numbers going “through the roof” as the DOJ investigation heats up. That may be momentarily true – though certainly not to the degree that Trump claims – the reality is that a majority of Americans want to see him indicted and poll numbers won’t save him from prosecution. Farron Cousins explains what’s happening.


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You know, the old saying never let him see you sweat. I think Donald Trump has decided that he is going to live by that official motto because during an interview on real America’s voice this week, actually yesterday, Donald Trump bragged about his poll numbers going through the roof because of the ongoing scandal that has completely turned his life upside down. So here’s what Trump said. I don’t even like saying it because frankly it sounds trivial by comparison, but my poll numbers have gone through the roof because of it. I’ve never been involved in an event that’s driven me up like this. So, I mean, so silver linings, right folks. And of course, what he’s talking about is not necessarily his approval rating among everybody. What he’s talking about are the hypothetical polls that have been coming out, showing that he is once again, handily defeating Ron DeSantis for the potential 20, 24 Republican nomination.

Yes, those poll numbers did increase and Ron DeSantis went down. But beyond that, dude, your whole life is falling apart right in front of your eyes. I mean, I guess it’s good, you know, to focus on the positive in life sometimes when everything is falling apart and you wanna say, well, here’s a good thing, but you’re, you are not being realistic about what’s actually happening. All of your friends have had to go and testify in front of that. Georgia grand jury, all of your other friends are getting called to testify either in front of the January 6th committee or in front of the DOJs grand jury for the fake elector scheme. And if none of them are getting called for any of that stuff, then of course they’re all involved in the other DOJ investigation into the stolen documents. Let’s not forget that also this week you made an agreement with the house oversight committee to finally have ma R’s turnover, your financial documents to that committee after a three year battle.

Oh, and let’s also not forget there’s those other investigations in New York that, uh, do appear to be closing in on your company because Alan Weisselberg has agreed to testify against you as part of his plea deal. So again, your whole world is literally crashing down around you. And what do you do? You go on a low rated, conservative outlet, real America’s voice. I, I don’t even know where you find real America’s voice by the way, but he, he apparently does. And you brag about your poll numbers like, oh, look at me. I’m doing so great, dude. A majority of Americans want you indicted a majority of the country of the voting public wants you indicted. They wanna see you in

Handcuffs. And by the way, those numbers are not because of the stolen documents. That’s actually just from the January 6th hearings. Majority of the country wants you indicted for January 6th. I can’t imagine what the polls coming out about. The FBI rating Mar Lago are gonna show for you. I’m willing to bet the number of people who want you indicted has probably increased in recent weeks, especially with the DOJs court filing earlier this week. But I guess again, I gotta hand it to you, right? You’re making lemonade at a lemons, but my God, man, that’s gonna be a lot of lemonade because life won’t just stop throwing those lemons directly at your face. So keep up the positive attitude. It may serve you well, if you ever end up in prison.”


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